Research reveals that gossip, a social factor is healthy for You

post Dec 3, 2014 -Madonna Interview Magazine topless "free the nipple".

Topless female porn stars labeled evil, not of God, whore trash of the Devil.  Nipples have power.

Naked female porn stars pushed the edge.  Madonna supports female porn stars.  posted by INOF


Zoe Zane 2014 discovered her isolation, saying No, and silence is good for her.  She acted stupid silly dumb it was her invisible crown.

In my porn life I was looking for women who wanted to have fun making porn.  It's called cooperation not competition.


post Dec 4, 2013 -Kill Zoey Zane aka Emily Sander, shamed our sex, the porn, ALL of our lives on this planet.  Zoey Zane showed her nipples.  Her secret with Mireles, he murdered a innocent female - shock horror violence.


Thinking:  18 year old Zoey Zane and mature Zoe Zane, if ONLY she contacted me to use my name.  She might be alive today living her dream.  Zoe Zane


post Dec 5, 2014 -Story Hospice Man Dying - before a human dies they go through shut down process to death.  Man in hospice with LDS Mormon pastor (helps living to grieve),

the dying man hiFi's his dog in room.  Man takes a breath then no breath ..... waiting ..... another breath ..... no breath.  His dog looks up high, over to side ...... owner no breath.  Owner takes another breath,

dog looks at his owner.  Dying man, another breath ...... no breath ......... dog looks up high and does hiFi in the air, dog looks up higher as owner dies.  Death, owner leaves his body to his spirit.  We can not see the spirit of his owner

but his dog sees his spirit.  Animals see more than humans?  Honor your pets.  And their might be a tiny few, good men in the LDS Church matrix.  Zoe Zane (my gossip-sex site, my church with 5,400, 000 hits).


post Dec 6, 2015 -Your bank, your deposit bank accounts, knows you will not listen to what you get and don't get.
 They know you will be "dumb numb out" until your account is charged a service fee.  Grumpy cat, $$$$$ anxiety NO!  Listen. Breathe.

post Dec 18, 2014 -Damn photo truth, Deauxma in fake fur coat made a big effort to flash her boobs during Zoe Zane Florida photo shoot.  Disrespectful Deauxma.  I bet her husband Larry put her up to it.
 He has some competition going on with Zoe Zane and Sexy Miss Lizz.   Deauxma's husband, Larry, he's a big drama queen.  No honors from Zoe Zane (will not call Larry a bitch) .... ha ha ha
Southern Charm's Bash Florida.  Photographer SummerSC3



post Dec 22,  2014 -Utah women are seeking liberation from the male patriarchy, primary power and the men do not know it.  Women are sick of the male dominance.

 The LDS Mormon male is too busy buying his guns.  The LDS Church prophets are to busy leading their members to war.   God and women do not love war.


post Dec 24, 2014 - godaddy domain name www.secretlife.com is up for bid $99,995 dollars.  LOL

post Jan 5, 2015 -What will Utah gossip about when the LDS church collapses?  No temple garment gatherings, tithing (more money to members of no church), vacant chapels and temples.

Gossip:  The new dance/strip clubs in LDS church chapels.  Who was put in prison for incest and kiddy porn.  Wives gone wild turn to sex jobs.
Husbands are happy they can hold the camera and get off more.


post Jan 14, 2014 -Celebrities scorned porn stars?  2015 not now, watch Hollywood go more porn, naked bodies in sex acts ..... sell. 

post Jan 18, 2014 - Too funny:  Adult models talks about other adult models.  One model sees problem in another model. The one model does not know she has the same problem.  Both models gossip about each other's weakness with another listening model.  All ear's model does not tell the 2 models how they gossip about their own weakness.  What the F-errr

post Feb 20, 2015 - Are we the same orb?  Zoe Zane left LDS Church Mormonism 1985.  Madonna was born 1958.

 Numerology Zoe Zane 1+9+8+5=5    

Madonna 1+9+5+8=5

+ Rebel Heart Zoe Zane 1985 (Grumpy Cat says No Zoe Zane)

$$$$$ post March 3, 2015 -godaddy domain name

 www.zoeyzane.com is up for auction bids at $2000.  Murder makes a site name more money.  wtf.


post March 4,2015 -My best friends are dead.  Zoe Zane  Laughing.

post March 4, 2015 - Lady GaGa falls down, MADONNA falls down, we all fall down.  Madonna fan's art rides GaGa like a skate board.  LOL.

 Zoe Zane, set it straight, FALLING DOWN, the new let's not fall fetish in placed in S&M crash section.   NOT FUNNY.


xxx - post March 8, 2015 -traffic search for words:  

prostitute 56,900,000

whore 79,000,000

google 7,590,000,000

apple 1,670,000,000


post March 20. 2015 -STOP BULLYING ME (at work, in text, on my phone. you tube comments etc.) -now children are commiting suicide because school bullies.
• Two youth are treated for suicide attempts every day in Utah. This state, Utah, is not a happy state.  Many women in Utah are bullied by husbands who follow the high up LDS Church Leaders Mormonism.  

Stop ALL adult (male and female) bullies.  Bullies are insecure people who prey on the weak.  If you are bullied TALK, find one person you feel safe with, get healthy support.  Use your voice and talk it out.



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I give gratitude and thanks for ALL those difficult "monster humans" in my life.  They showed me, I do not want to monster like them.

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