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Thursdy, December 2, 2004
Zoe, and maybe hubby if he comes home from work soon enough to fuck me. Vanessa Del Rios's show is just before mine.

Saturday at 9 AM PST live cam show with Mistress Andrea Storm and Zoe with slaves as furniture and whatever we want them to be or DO!
We will get naked in out big hats and talk about sexy domination.
Oh my hole can make you do anything, right!

December 16, 2004, Thursday morning 10 Am PST... SexyMisLizz and Zoe will be naughty lesbian Santa's helpers. Santa told us to do something BUT I can not remember what it was. I am too busy being a slut.

Live cam was so much fun for me. I need to get another dick on the show so I can get a DP going. It makes me really hot to get a cock in my pussy and ass at the same time.
I was out shopping yesterday in Silicon Valley. BOY a lot of traffic and no place to park.
New update this week is really gud. You will see the cum shoot on my face and a big load of cum from a piker out in the "Red, White and Blue" beach. 20 high resolution pics 1000x750

This gentleman suck my clit off TODAY just the way I like it. OH GOODY! I asked him how he knew how to do it. He was trained by an older woman when he was younger. Right on!


Sexy Miss Lizz just called me today and she will be on Howard Stern's show for being the Queen of Farts sometime in January of February. Too funny and congratulations Lizz. She will be on my cam show next week Thursday, December 16 at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST.


The cam show yesterday was crazy Saturday morning, a small orgy with two mistresses and their slaves.
When you have street sex you are not thinking about who is watching just the funny you hare having. I had street sex with hundreds watching and later on I realized what I did.
It is very foggy in California lately.

I've been window shopping looking for naughty elf costumes and Santa's deviant helper for the cam show tomorrow. Right now I am not sure what I will be wearing. Some stud is coming in to take photos of Lizz and I before the show. I have this admirer from cam z who is one of the chat host cops. He is mesmerized by my puckering lips, slutty makeup and China Doll hairdo. when I go to Vegas I'm dressing up with heavy makeup like a Las Vegas Showgirl, slut or whore. Whathave you, I am there baby. This morning I set up a bedroom scene set for my DIVAFARTS videos I have been contemplating for about 60 days now since Lizz is Queen of Farts. Like super classy bedroom and a squeal a big gassy fart! Too funny.

I did my show with Sexy Miss Lizz which was a blast. About 300 viewers and she farted in dirty dollies face. Too stinky!!! HAHAHA!

The cameraman slave man showed up and we did some 2 girl wrestling where Santa's slothful helper slammed the Dirty Dolly. Hilarious pics since Lizz is much smaller in frame than me. In the cam I fist fucked her cunt and she fucked herself with her MONSTER black dildo. Very wild show for sure! Oh we did tow girl lesbian smoking and turned each other on with out pink cigarettes and hot mouths. Rated: XXX Slutty

I can not say no to all the boys in high school. Every guy who asks me out the the Homecoming dance I say yes to BUT none of them know that I have had said yes to all of them. When it comes down to the dance they tell each other that they are taking out this hot girl, BUT I have made dates with all of them which says I am a big slut and can not say NO to anyone. The guys all find out I said yes to all of them so I tell them I will make them all happy and have sex with all of them before the dance and I DO! Gang bang with the Homecoming Queen.12.21.2004
Last night I let in my one and only cat "Fuzzy" with his friend Harley Fuzzy told me he wanted all the attention. So that is the scoop on him.
I am pretty excited about doing my live cam sex shows for the holidays. Thursday I will get wasted and CYBER will have his way with me.
I am lining up some wild parties for Las Vegas before I get into town. CyberSPACE is rockin'. If you in town for the Internext/goti party or AVN e-mail and let me know. Hopefully I will be able to meet you and grab your frank and beans. LOL love all of you and take care of yourselves during the holidays.

Today I have a new fuck boyfriend, a slave that I sit on his face with my big ass and the bad nurse give a unruly slave an enema. Oh I will do the cam show tonight, Auntie Z is drunk slut at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST. Last time I remember close to 300 hundred people sw my show. Look for inzane acts for sex and my zaney sense of humor.. frisky pony boy.

NEW vid clip on iFriends.com and it is a real fart in your face in my membership for lovezoezane your "QUEEN OF METHANE"

Click on image for Queen of Methane. One more pic fart lover.

I am off to bake some danish pastry for my family.

I forgot to post my story line for Gangbang the Homecoming Queen. So Merry Xmas and here I go...The Homecoming Queen has a reputation for being a slut. She is asked out by several guys to take her to the Homecoming dance and she says YES to all of them. None of guys know she said yes to many who asked her to the dance. A few days later, some of the guys are talking about this hot chick they are taking to the dance. She joins the conversation sitting between them talking about the dance and the fun they will have. So one of her dates comes over to her house to make sure the details are complete and THEN all the guys find out she said yes to all of them. The guys are very disappointed. SO...she tells them let's have some fun and she does them all before the dance. She wants to make sure they are all happy.
The Homecoming Queen is really a Happy Tramp.

Over 280 vid clips of ZOe in private cam shows and it is growing.

New update Wednesday 12.29.2004 of Dirty Dolly and Lizz. Over 60 candid high resolution images of live cam show and the MONSTER dildo. I am posting early since I am heading out to Las Vegas on Thursday at 4:30 Am in the morning. LOL!

Live cam show Tuesday night at 7 PM PST/10 PM EST with me and my nasty brain in stockings and heels baby.

Please refrain yourself, frisky pony boy when chatting with me in live chat cam about contacting me through e-mail or telling me about web site OR my web site. I get these warning e-mails of termination from iFriends or cam z if you do that. They will terminate me OFF their web site. NO CONTACT, NO E-MAIL or web site URLS. Thank you! Also if my show is free there is NO NUDITY on CamZ, BUT on iFriends.com you might get a quick flash of me.

Oh kie-dokie. Update might be today,candid cam pics of Lizz and myself as Santa's helper and Dirty Dolly which is over 60 pics for members of my site.

Some of the pics you will only see on my site. They are not perfect poses and candid. Cool huh!

XXX TODAY VIDCLIP 12.28.2004 of hubby fucking me in private cam show for members. I was requested to fuck hubby in private, live, sex cam vidclip. Creamy cool, huh!

It's getting really CRAZY in my live cam sex shows with everyone. Cum find out "PUSSY TALK" by Zoe Zane. I scream your name out really loud if you ask me to. I wasted myself in the cam this morning. If your game, I'm looking for someone to take to Hawaii???
New video clip 6.01 Mb MPEG-4 in member's section of me fucking Cyber Boy's dick in live cam show. I finally uploaded the file myself. Getting the path right is enough to drive me crazy. I need a good fuck so watch me tonight in my live cam sex show using my new toys.
I did a bunch of free shows on ifriends.com today and it was fun teasing all those dicks. I made them so horny they jumped in for private one on one shows and we got off together. I screamed their names out really loud when I got off! Yesterday I did back to back yoga. I am up to day 52.
I just had another cheapO give out his user name and password to his friends for free porn. Maybe I could post on the site free porn at $19.95 per month? hahaha
I asked Kitty Foxx if that ever happened to her and she said no. So what iz this? She has respectful men go to her site and pay her for all her work?
Why I do yoga??? So I can walk-alot, shagg-alot and choco-alot. I did back to back classes yesterday(day 51)since the power went out over at the studio.
Shagg-alot is the most fun babe!
The power went off today at the studio when I was doing free cam shows on ifriends.com Some of those guys make me crazy. Not very good communication on their part.
I jerked myself off and had a real great "0" by myself. Oh fuck! Day 48 and I did a great standing bow and camel.
Yoga Day 47
It was hot in the room and I wanted to throw up so I laid down. At the end of the class it was really strong with cleansing breaths by eve It bussed me and it was exciting to my soul. My teacher is so rad! This yoga makes me really horny. While in class the body changes as you can see. I have been cropping pics for southern charms.
Been on puter a lot today so I went to Starbucks for some Camomile Tea and a cookie. While driving through the parking lot 4 girls were moping down the middle of MY DRIVEWAY trying to take over so I pulled to the left to miss them. They said "SORRY." There not sorry, stupid chicks!!!
Well drinking did not affect me in any way when I did yoga today. I'm at day 46. Only 14 more days to go. I hope you all got laid or wanked off.
I've got a hot chick your all of you too see this month, Dana DD. She's got it. We have so much fun. I wove her. Long legs, blonde, big tits. I finally did buy some new toys yesterday from the adult book store in San Jose "HOT STUFF". You will see me use them in my live cam show on Friday and Saturday with AmateruCamZ.

I just had fun today. Cyber Boy and I were going to the swing club Clubnitelife to say hello to Lee and Dawn and he got me drunk, took me home, tied me to the bed and had his way with me. He just tied up one hand. I need the other to masturbate with. Nice valentines present huh.
I saw 3 boyfriends today, dominated one tied him to a stool and fucked him in the ass.
Today is #43 for my yoga challenge.
What a blast! In my pussy that is. I play my neighbor's step mom yesterday. He was ever so deviant with me. Took some panty pics for a fan in LA who goes by "Rock Star". He has starred in a porn video off http://www.jerkoffzone.com/. Happy Valentines to you stud.
I'm on day 42 for bikram and yesterday I took a long nap. Oh I had the greatest time from this stud from the bidding wars 3 years ago up near Palo Alto. I came 5 times on his dick.
This is kinda like naked yoga but no sweat at http://voyeur-foot-fetish.com/list/vr_set30/index.htm
Too funny. I went grocery shopping yesterday and was pretty zonked out from the 2 yoga classes. I have to cart my groceries upstairs so I put 2 bags out on the pavement as I parked my car. I forgot they were there, the 2 bags and ran over them. Damage one vegetation package of hot dogs "Road Kill" Better watch out when Zoe is around with your big hot dog. HAHHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!!!$#@$%^&***
Today I did back to back yoga. Two classes in a row. It makes me horny! I jumped Cyber Boy's dick this morning before the two classes.
I had a great time in the live cam last night with amateurcamZ. I DP myself with 2 dildos. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo&^$#@!!!&^#$$%%^&&...$$!! I need a gang bang.
I'm horny today and want a gang bang. Anyone out there??? Cyber Boy sometimes works too hard with his job and I need someone to sneak off with me to a swing club on Saturday night here in San Jose or San Francisco, California.
I don't want to take him with, just you and me. I love being nasty wicked!
Latest news about bikram yoga: Bikram, the founder is up here in San Francisco in a court battle about his franchise. Can you make a franchise out of a practice that has been going on for over 5000 years. Wouldn't you know it that California with all her rules would do this and in SF. I say yes he can. When I studied ballet there were different schools and then Martha Graham came along and shook up the system. I have never seen a yoga practice that restore the body like Bikram.
I did a bunch of classes and sometimes in freezing rooms tearing my muscle tissues. Yes the poses are similar but it is how it is put together that makes it unique. What yoga class did I go to that made you sweat in 105 degrees? NONE!

Janet Jackson cartoons, time consuming at http://www.msn.com/
I got robbed. Some guy joined my site and gave his user name and password out to a bunch of free porn hackers and they downloaded all my work of 5 years in 2 days. What do you think? Will the hackers and virus slammers shut down the INTERNET?
Off to bikram this morning at 9 AM and my female teacher loves me??? I wonder what that means?
Please read this, it is great thanks BOB
The Sex Fairy

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Body by Bikram diary is on day 2/1/2004 in sequential days from 1-32. Read below. My ballet yoga training by Bikram. When I do the class I am on stage all the time unless I am out of breathe, to fucking hot with sweat or my body is whacking out somehow.
As of today I have completed 31 days of yoga.
It'z the month of love. Great month. I wish you a lotz of lov...we all need it right!
I'm posting my day by day experience with bikram yoga.
1. Started Friday, January 2, 2004. 60 days is a lot for me in my mind.
Missed Saturday flew into Las Vegas.
2. Sunday I followed Cyber Boy one day behind him because I think this 60 day challenge is freaky hard. I just went with him so we could support each other. The building smells like old cigarette smoke from a telemarketing room. Good class.
3. 9 am class, Monday so we can make all the images and video shoots while here in Las Vegas. I went to bed at 2:30 AM last night after a image shoot. Oh boy what am I doing to myself? I am very tired but the images shoot with Candi Las Vegas was a blast.
Ami Charms house for photo shoot and video shoot with XES Entertainment. I was so horny I fucked the shit out of Cyber boy late that night.
4. 9 AM Tuesday again the room is very hot. I am very tired but the images shoot with Wow I did the standing bow. I'm too good. I surprised myself. $#@^*&%$@!!!***!? Off to Internext and the swing party Rendezvous on Sahara. Kitty Foxx's husband Al is there. I gave him a hug.
5. Wednesday, flew home and did the class at 6:30 PM. It was packed. LOL too crowded.
6. 9 AM Thursday class and still crowded. I feel better today. Got some good sleep. It helps.
7. Friday, I went to 4:30 class before my cam show. Packed again and it helps with the stress I have been under for so long. Oh my shoulders and bending over those computers.
8. Saturday: I missed bikram had to much to do.
9. Sunday and I did 2 classes today. Incredible!!! but I am stiff tonight while watching TV.
10. Monday, I went to 4:30 PM class and I feel good. Amazing?!!!
11. Tuesday 9 Am class is crowded. I am wondering if I can do this for 60 days? The body changes everyday so you never know what will happen to you.
12. 9 AM WED. class still crowded and the heat is getting to me so I work by one of the windows. Oh I forgot to mention that when you do this practice those issues you have stored in your tissues will come out. Sometimes I cry in class but you can't see because of all the sweat.
I will continue tomorrow.
13. Thursday: The room seems cool to me today and it is easy to do the poses.
14. Friday 4:30 PM: I wish I could just let go of all my concerns and worries. Be free of this freaking brain of mine.

15. It is Saturday and it is cam day so I went to class at 4:30 PM. Packed and smelly. Some of those nuts on those guys smell like goat out on the farms. This sucks!!!
16. Sunday: 10 AM and my hello teacher is directing our bodies. She likes to kid with me. She likes me. I like her.
17. Monday 9 AM again. It is hard today. I don't think I can do this anymore. This is hell.
18. Tuesday 9 AM I am still doing it. Just hang on babe!!!
19. Wednesday it is 6 PM and I am in class with Cyber Boy. He keeps touching my parts. This is fun.
20. Thursday I went at 6:30 PM and played tootsies with Cyber boy in class. The teacher said if you touch someone in class you might not like it but then some one of you might like it. Yes she is right. We liked it.
21. Friday, I have changed my cam show on Saturday morning so I can get to yoga at 10 AM. I schedule video/images shoots on Saturday which are fun and work but I don't want to do 2 yoga classes on the same day right now.
22. Saturday, Merry Bear, the teacher I like. He is like a court jester.
23. Sunday and it is 10 AM yoga and the room is full. Crazy huh. All these people excited about sweating and getting in shape. Such a profound enthusiasm for health. Totally groovy dude!
24. Monday, 9 AM and the classes are getting smaller. I have had so much tension in my shoulder that at night sometimes it is hard to sleep right now. The floating helps me to relax.
25. Tuesday 9 AM I keep thinking about sex. Focus on my breathing girl!
26. Wednesday, I went to 6:30 class and the room was not very hot. Am I getting use to the heat?
27. Thursday, 9 AM and it is very hot. I guess not!!!!!
28. Friday, floated, foot massage and cam tonight.
Class at 4:30 and it is packed for Friday after work. Room is hot again. Oh brother.
29. Saturday 9 AM class was difficult for me to breathe so I lay down on the floor in some of the poses. If you do the pose on both sides of the body on each side you get the benefit.
30. Sunday 10 AM class is a good size and the room is outrageously HOT. I took over and fanned the door back and forth. The instructor asked me to not do that. Then in class he did not know how to control the heat in the room so it was cool. How funny! I like it.
My leadership just takes over. I need to let the teacher be in charge and he is a black once upon a time body builder. He is totally black! He'z cool! Mr. "N".
32. Monday 9 AM a very nice class of strong females and one male. Some of the women are so good at the positions. Beautiful, WOW!
Today after class I felt really good. I have not felt this way for over 15 years. Like the good old days when I was exercising at 33. I'm coming back, oh ya. I have had a running injury for all this time and my body is restoring itself. YES!!!#$@*&^^%$@#>>>>***&%!
33. Tuesday February 3, 2004
4:30 PM class
which is packed and I am getting pretty good at the standing bow. Teacher Miss "F" from France loves me and corrects my form while in class. Going everyday is very intense training. Going deep into muscle tissue which will release toxins into blood stream.
34.Wednesday, 9 AM a small class of about 10 women and I have to lay down in between each pose during the warm up. My body is where it is at. Gurling but I did it today. I have to drop off some important papers out in the Sunnyvale area. It is a nice drive and I love the eucalyptus trees. Silicon Valley has such beautiful corporate offices like Apple, HP, and they go on and on.
35. It is 7:10 AM and Cyber Boy wakes up with a hardon every morning so I play with it at my computer. I am not sure what time I will do yoga today since my back was adjusting furiously last night. I will float this morning.
36. Friday I floated and did yoga at 4:30 PM just before live cam show. My body is whacking out. I wanted to cry out loud the whole time in class. WHATS the use! Have you every felt that was?
37. Hairdresser, new hair cut and class at 4:30 PM. It is much better today.
38-39. I did 2 classes in a row to see if I could do it. Pretty mellow today and I'm okay. BUT I would like to give myself a " Nap Vacation" right now. ZOOZING zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Fetish Mommy punished a sex slave yesterday. Bam Bam on his ass for wanting to have sex with me.
I went to take a pic of this trashy trailor park and it is torn down!
My live cam sex show tonight is me in silk and garters you big stud and Cyber Boy is real horny for this chicky. See you there.
29 days of BIKRAM YOGA!!!!!&^^%#@@#$%^&***

Today I am going to take my camera and get pictures of white, trashy, trailor parks here in Silicon Valley. They are here for sure. Watch me prove myself right and you be the judge. I want a new girlfriend who lives in a white trashy trailor park so we can just sex out fucking selves out to the MAX!!
I watched the DVD "Radio" last night which is a true story about a retarded black boy that was nurtured by a successful football coach in a deep south town. Why did he? On his route as a paper boy, age 12 he found this boy under his house fenced in so he could not escape with chicken wire. The boy was crying out loud. The football coach passed by there for 2 years and did not do anything about it. So he stood up for "RADIO". When Radio grew up to be an adult he was the football coach of his home town. It is a great movie if your into this kind stuff.

I had so much fun masturbating and getting fucked in the ass for my birthday. Cyber Boy took me out got me drunk and we had a blastful orgasmic time together.
Added note here on the present Virus attack.....It also causes a huge
slowdown of your internet access, even if you've got DSL or Cable
modems. One thing that I've recommended
is that not only to update their virus protection, but to also clear
their cache in the web browser you are using. In doing so, you get rid
of a lot of crap that(evidently)is also floating along with the virus.
And, to those who use the Mac or are using Unix or Linux machines, you
don't have much problems with the virus, as it is attacking those with
Windows......but it wouldn't hurt to clear out caches right now. Your cookies dude!
enough with the geek; back to the sex. From my geek friend David.

This is a very interesting articlehttp://www.sfgate.com/columnists/sorensen/
I will be posted on www.southercharms.com in about 2 weeks as Zoe Zane. KSJO Radio Rock Station wished me a happy birthday. That'z zo zweet!

POLL: Super Bowl is next Sunday huh. I wonder how many guys would give up sex during the game? That would be the only time they could get it on Sunday was during the game, not during half time or commercials. I bet a lot of football fans would give up sex. What do u think you football fans.
I am really in to everything that is trashy for the site. White trash, pink trash, trashy you-trashy me, the site looks trashy at the moment. Oh and all my friends from southern Charms are getting ready for Mardi Gras. I was looking at some of those party beads yesterday in the shopping mall with some asian mom. We were talking about the beads and she showed me one that was with boobs and beer cans on it. Hum that is a trashy thing to find and show me.

I'm tired today but happy. I went to a private swing party in San Jose and had a blast all over me for my birthday. When I get those pic organized I will post a few in my yahoo group. Bikram yoga makes me really horny. For sure, you big stud. I am all over Cyber Boy constantly. I will float this morning before my yoga class. I am on day 24. Bikram yoga for 24 straight days. Some of the teacher in bikram are hot, studly-sexy cool. Francy, Bear Bare, Hello, and Miss M. I have protected their identity since I'm a pornography and they don't know it and I want to keep it that way. I have learned it is best to tell people in porn what I do and not the corporate or straight people. The straight people always turn on you since they don't have the balls to stand up and be okay about porn. Today I might put together a vid for a new mature porn series with this young stud here in Sunnyvale. He has a big cock by the way. Sex piggy pigging out on sex white trashing, pink squeezing, sexy trashy cool...that'z me.

I had a great time with all those frisky horses in live cam last night. It is different every time. Last night a bunch of sex slaves shows up and now they are applying to be house boys. watch out slaves your in for it. This morning I am white trash. Tonight I will trek on over to Club Nite Life to find some dicks to suck and fuck. It's a swing club here in Northern California. Oh I saw a fan yesterday and we watched on of my porn movies. I ran over to the grocery store and did someone in my car out in the parking lot. The parking lot is back. LOL K-mart is closing down over here where I live. Hey my male cat fuzzy brought in the biggest rat to my front door. What a stud!
I was busy yesterday working on a new intro pic for southern charms which was very time consuming and I got caught up in it. Hey a boyfriend from the past showed up and he is one of my nipple sluts. what is this? It seems a lot of men have nipples that make them really whorey. Hey that just means I can make them do anything I want when I play with their nipples just right. Tonight in my cam show I want to see what cheesy lines men tell a whore. Make sure you send in your cheesy line for the contest. Only a few days left to enter.
I did a search on Helga Sven and this is what I cam up with at http://www.talkingblue.com/pornstar/Helga_Sven.htm
one of my sex slaves let me have his favorite skin book with Helga in it with this young stud. It is vintage porn and it sizzles. I have planes to do an images shoot of it when I find the right young stud. Last night I have a very delicious birthday party with Cyber Boy. My birthday is next tuesday
I have a lot of boyfriends. I love it. I just talked with a video producer for a new series for more mature. I will set up an appointment at Starbucks to lay our diabolical plans for the new year for DVD/Mature Babes. I got fucked in my cunt and the cum is dripping down my legs right now. This weekend I'm on the hunt for dick at a swing club since it is so close to my birthday.

I am working on a image gallery for hello trashy kitty. I will dress up like a street hooker or trailor park trash. This week i will do a photo shoot with some guy that has a big dick. It is scheduled for Saturday morning. I might have a slave come into my live cam show and fuck him with my strap on.

Yesterday I did 2 classes of bikram yoga since I missed one on Friday. I did it. When you get through one class of bikram that is an accomplishment but two right on baby. Don't tell me to get old and unproductive. Watch me really hot when I am 65 full of life, acting like a frisky pony in your backyard.Maybe being a brat was a good thing. My mother called me a brat all the time.
Read from my yahoo group how I love pick up guys anytime if you interest me!!!
I have been thinking about those wild whore girlfriends I have have over the years. One cums to my mind. She was a maniac LOL but I still love her to this day. When men were with us the earth and stars moved. She ran off and tried to be married. LOL! I think some women need to get married so they can cheat. I had a great time in my camz show last night. I dressed up in all my leathers and was a slut bitch.

I am setting up images shoots with a big dick for next weekend with Cyber Boy. My birthday is coming up, January 27, 2004.

It seems quiet for January but I'm not. Jamming in iFriends.com again and my show on Friday night, I'll dress up in leather pants and not much of a bra for the show. I floated yesterday and again this morning. The yoga is building muscles and rerouting new highways all through my body. Internext and AVN for some people is major content party time. I talked with Ami Charms and she said she was tired from all the shoots she did. I'm getting ready to do a gang bang. LOve you love me...Zoe

Some hot fuck came over and screwed me good yesterday. This yoga challenge is getting to me. Shall I make it?

Off to yoga again. Make sure you go to my yahoo group and read about Las Vegas last week.
Sunday I saw the best porn on the my dish. I like the idea of fucking in front of thousands of people.
My email message from gloryholecity.com web masters who I had a blast with in Las Vegas during Internext:
Hi Zoe!

It was a real pleasure meeting you in Vegas and capturing you at the Rendezvous glory hole!

We plan to feature you in an upcoming edition of Gloryholecity and will be supplying links to your site from the section, within our Members' Area, where we provide your coverage/content. We expect to be adding you to Gloryholecity as an "Exclusive Glory Gal" sometime in February , and we'll be working to create complete Zoe Zane coverage with photos, video-clip(s), bio, info, banner, links to your site, etc. If you would like to supply us any non-gloryhole content (to be added to your section on Gloryholecity), please feel free to email it to me directly.

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Please stay in touch! We had a wonderful time in Las Vegas and truly enjoyed meeting you and capturing some hot footage of you at that glory hole!


CC: Rob


VexBros Inc., Adult Entertainment Ventures

Check this out:
2003 Most Annoying Top Ten:
1. Al-Qaeda
2. Michael Jackson
3. Rush Limbaugh
4. Saddam Hussein
5. Bill Parcells
6. Osama Bin Laden
7. Martha Stewart
8. Jacques Chirac
9. Timothy McVeigh
10.Jillian Barberie
From http://www.amiannoying.com/(5zhbg1552rrcgmefnkt2qked)/Default.aspx

Everyone is annoying some time or another.
Have you seen the Underworld and American Wedding? American Wedding is so funny I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard last night. The cock sucking scene under the table was a riot and the dogs humping. How about how the cock/pussy freakie guy who ate the shit with the bride's wedding ring.
I will be posting my weblogs from my yahoo group during the day since I can only get on this computer in the early morning. So if you want to read more juicy stuff join the group!!!

I have done 8 straight days of bikram yoga. Only 52 more days to go. Cyber Boy chases me around the house all the time and wants to take me to bed.
I am really excited about this weeks update. I've had wanted to do a glory hole scene for a few years and here they are with cum on my face at the end.
My live cam shows are for me. I will dress up in all my leathers for the Friday show. Leather pants, leather open cut bras and gloves. What out fucker I'm mowing men down left and right. On the porn channel today I saw a porn star couple fuck live in a big warehouse with over 500 people watching. It was impressive. I need to go relaxxx see ya later dude!01.10.04
I am starting a new weblog for this page so I can post anytime during the day. It is getting to be to much in the morning with all I have to do. So look for my new, live daily journal off this yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/maturezoezane/?yguid=159469784My rabbit hole is getting really deep. My trashy kitty show last night was a so much fun for me. This morning see me as white trash again with Cyber Boy at 9 Am PST.

It will be Chinese food and fucking for me with an new boyfriend tomorrow. I did yoga again and the heat is getting to me. I am planning on doing a naked yoga video and pics by the end of the year. I need to take some after the 60 day challenge to compare. At 7 pm I will do a solo show for my live cam with amatuercamz. I want a tank top from them. It is very tiny and nasty the top. I have a few pics of Rubber Doll from gotiparty which was on Sunday night. I look washed out compared to her. She was a major makeup slut for sure. She ia a really nice girl and so is her boyfriend. Totally fetish...they rock in my book!
On Sunday when I am rested up I will post more about all those Vegas sex parties I went to. Off to floating, a foot massage which I need after all those slut shoes I wore to those parties.
I got back yesterday at 11 AM to San Jose. Did some unpacking and left one bag at the airport. Sucked off this guy at this house, I need some of that cum and trained a sissy boy. Went to yoga last night and I am getting pretty good at the standing bow. I put myself on the 60 day challenge. I will do yoga for 60 days straight. My instructor complimented me on my form. I am still tired from the trip. I missed seeing Beth Morggan from the England. Bummer. Our schedules just did not match.01.03.04
I'm packed and ready to go. I will do my live cam sex show this morning at 9 AM PST. I try to keep the same show. I might loose the spot and we don't want that. I jammed on iFriends.com yesterday in my live web cam room. I wore my strapon in the cam show last night on amateur camz. Got a lot of errands done. Off to Vegas today and back on Thursday at the latest. Look for my blogs on the yahoo group of what I am doing. I plan to sneak on any computer I can get and send you the juicy details of the sexy nasty things I will be doing with anyone I can nail. I'm such a pig for sex! Here is the latest on AVN
My live cam sex show is on tonight at 7 PM PST and Saturday morning at 9 AM. See you there. It getz pretty wild with everyone asking me to see different nasty stuff.
Yesterday. 01/01/2004 was a day of rest for nasty me. I watched this DVD called "Equilibrium" It was pretty good, martial arts with guns. Pretty cool .I got this phone call for Ami Charms for wild photo shoots/parties in Las Vegas next week.
01.01.04 happy, wonderful, fucking 2004 to everyone! LOL. It rained so hard here in San Jose that my Internet connection was down until late last night. Some of the main freeways were on alert for flooding. I was out driving and it was insane. Water was splashing over the divider on to my tiny car. Wo!
I did suck off the snake man yesterday in the morning. He's an oatmeal man for sure.

October 2004

I have blogged in different places like my group which is on the spot, fresh news on what I have been doing for the past 2 years. I also blogged off Bravenet but they bumped me off since it was free for 2 years and wanted my business. Can't blame them but it was unannounced so I lost all those diaries. LOL. That is what you get for free baby. I have been blogging off My Space and there are some free pics just like in my yahoo group. Right now I am in the Giantess mood for pics where men are very tiny and helpless to my AMAZON FEAMLE GODDESS presence. I find it very exciting and amusing. Check out the pics I have created and I have an artist working on some sci-fi pics of me as Goddess of destruction. Interesting? Members in the yahoo group have come up with different things I can do to those tiny helpless men. Porn star Vanessa del Rio did the sam thing in her yahoo group a few months back.

Today a new update will be posted with DD Dana and how I got her drunk to get my way but LOL, I think she got her way and over powered me. Her hot DD boobs and tall goddess body smothered me on my couch. The the update is the last part of of a 3 part series of lesbian cat girl fights: tongue lash the pussy.

I love October. I have been getting ready for Halloween for 3 months. It is so magical. All those costumes and the candy. I love candy like sour cherry,lime and lemon chewies, bad for the teeth but comfort is good huh. I'm a CHOCOLATE freak for See's. Scotch mellows, dark chocolate nuggets with nuts, dark chocolate chip truffles and the one with coffee latte. WICKED!@#$%^&...

Here are a few pics from cam today off www.ifriends.com
I like to get trashy and tease the fuck out of you.


About 175 viewers for my live cam wacky, sex show last night. I fucked myself with with my glass toy in the ass and it got real sticky dirty. You know what I mean. What do you expect when you get it in the ass? Dirty! So the viewers wanted to see, kinky fuckers so I put some toilet paper on my butt and walked around. Too funny.

Watch Ememim(sp?)on DVD, went to chiro doc, bank, store and now in my lab. I got bumped off Southern Charms because they missed posting my updates. OH well, their loss.

Went to the toy store for props for Giantess. Something cool is coming your way

Yesterday I was the butt rub girl, got a wonderful massage from a fan, and this stiff dick jerked off on my big boos. Yummy.

New vid clips for members: Smoke show, ass fuck your secretary, slutty secretary in high eels and stocking on your desk, and I finger bang myself with 3 fingers.

Worked on the Giantess pics today. I am in love with her. Hey, I think engineers are intelligent, kinky, motherfucker's that like pantyhose and sexy girlie lingerie.

I am going to s swing party tomorrow night. In my Bikram yoga class I got buzzed 3-4 times. A great high and it made me laugh.

I ass fucked my dirty butt hole this morning on my half a sleep hardon of a hubby. I am doing the update right now and talking about it . Hubby's dick is tingling.

Sunday, I was busy doing Giantess images up in the Saratoga Hills of Northern California. Those platforms are dangerous when it comes to steep hills. We drove around looking for the right angle so I could stomp Moffet Field. LOL. I had to pee really bad do I let it rip up in a tiny grove of scrub oak, broken beer bottles and the friendly skies of California.

Live cam sex show tonight at 8 PM PST for members ONLY, JOIN HERE, and will I ass fuck? UPCLOSE AND DEEP buddy!

Yesterday I had this pathetic slave calling me over 12 times on my sell phone wanting to worship Smokerella. SO, I spanked another one slave and he wanted me to make him CRY? what is this fucker?

My rank on ALexa is climbing again. I do not get it. I got more hits this summer, hackers slammed my site up over 3 million for a few days, stole my content and the rank when down. Crazy huh! Ranked at 56,000 is not to bad for a hottie that is 57 yrs old.

Giantess on iFriends.com

Female empowerment over women and men. I have to laugh at this. Too funny but some people worship this fetish.
Cam show last night: I ass fucked the hell out of myself. Does that make me a good girl?

Thursday 10/14
I'm beautiful and everybody loves me. I'm beautiful and everybody loves me. I'm beautiful and everybody loves me. I'm beautiful and everybody loves me. I'm beautiful and everybody loves me. I'm beautiful and everybody loves me. I'm beautiful and everybody loves me .I'm beautiful and everybody loves me .I'm beautiful and everybody loves me. I'm beautiful and everybody loves me. I am writing positive affirmations 21 times a day, WHY NOT, better than beating up yourself which many of us do.
TRIVIA: Did you know there is a vibration or energy emitted from the words we speak? Scientific fact, kind words have lovely snowflakes/fairies attached to the energy/vibration. Believe it or not? The word HATE is disorganized, shattered, chaotic.

Bikram was hard last night but as I left my class my teacher told me to keep the connection. Connection to? E.T. You know those terrestrial creatures from outer space. Hehehe!

Vegas flashing. Picture taken by my daughter.

I might have a plan for this guy. He is such a wonderful creature in my Giantess series.

Yesterday I was editing images for the Giantess and I threw her up on the home page. Sci-fi or what? Cyber liked her so she is there for the moment. Cam last night was yummy to my pussy. Cyber and I have been connected for over 15 yrs now and he still does it to me.
The popcorn man is in my plans for sure.
Raining cats and dogs today in San Jose, CA.

My two cats are sleeping away. Fuzzy, the predator dislikes the rain/cold and I will see him a lot this winter. I told him no more rats that are 12" long, so he caught a small mouse and left it outside this morning.

Sexy Miss Lizz will have her freak bash party Saturday, November 6, 2004. Different people will be there. Oh goodie! New faces new experiences for this sex piggy.

On Sunday, November 7, 2004 I will shoot my video for "Gang Bang the Homecoming Queen".
Send me a pic of yourself get tested for a clean bill of health(takes 2 weeks so get on it big boy), bring your ID, a Halloween Costume/mask, and your fun time attitude. There will be 2 camera men, myself and bunch of guys. Atmosphere is very laid back.

Free cam pics on ifriends.com

I'm a giz playing fool when it come to cum.


Pics of me and Kitty Foxx at a gang bang. We did it all Kitty Foxx and I. We were not afraid of anything or anybody. We just sucked and fucked a lot of guys together. In LA after an adult convention we did 6 men together in a hotel room. I really sucked that male porn star's dick off. Hose lips.

Several new vid clips this week of my 18 " dildo toy and another in my ass free to members.

Friday, October 2004
I'm canceling my live cam sex show on Saturday morning because I will be up in San Francisco for a image shoot. On Saturday is the Exotic Erotic Ball. I am going to be causing some havoc up here again like I did with Sexy Miss Lizz at the Folsom Street Fair. The Giantess update is this weekend for all those fetish lovers of the 100ft giant female. I added 10 feet just to out do the 90 ft babe on the NET. That is so American huh.

I am leaving for the image shoot about 9 PM tonight. 100% sex vampire

I am monitoring my words theses days. I am cutting out the word hate, try, could, and should out of my vocabulary. The vibrations on them are not good. Have your seen the movie "What the beep do we know?"

A scientist did a study on words and their vibrations. Everyone is talking about this movie in my circle of friends. Hum? Can we change our world? No way, I am not in charge what can I do about our world! BUT, if we all changed just a tiny bit for the better it just might happen.

Your words are very powerful where you believe this or not!!!



After the Exotic Erotic Ball in SF
LOL. It was raining and cold in SF. Get that umbrella out so you make up will not run and costume get saggy.

I love to get dresses up in costumes and here are a few pics I thought were exceptional from the ball.

You will see what I wore the day of the ball in a few days.
Looking forward
: to this this house party on Halloween night in San Jose in the Rose Garden district. Only 7 days till all the goblins and ghoul are truly out with this SEX VAMPIRE.

SPECIAL UPDATE: This week I will post a few of the colored pics of the Giantess at the Red, White and Blue beach for members. The update for Giantess were desatured to black and white for the SCi-Fi effect.

Cum chat with me on 10.26.2004, Tuesday night at TER Lounge at 7 PM PST. The last time I did this it was a slut's dream to talk about all the nasty things I like to do.

High School: I remember I wanted to say the word ass so bad when I was mad. I was raised a good Mormon girl. I was watching "SAVED" DVD this morning. It is a movies with a too funny twist on religion. She swears to a shrine because she got pregnant with her gay boyfriend. ASS ASS ASS, I say it a lot now!


Surprise! Fetish lovers for GIANTESS: An exclusive GIANTESS artist, Ron H. Black Giantess Web TV, art/designer is creating collector's cards/posters for my web site. They are incredible Sci-Fi 1950's style.

Today I fucked some guy in his ass and sucked him off at the same time. Now that is talent!



Groovy Halloween site with music that is kinda spooky porno. What da ya think?

This guys went to the wrong plastic surgeon and makes me laugh! HAHAHA too funny...


My video grips and headaches: RANT AND RAVE
If you want to be in one of my videos with me PLEASE follow the rules. Send a pic first to lovezoezane@yahoo.com

Bring your own paper documentation with you and ID. I will not talk with you on the phone until I give you my phone number by private e-mail communication. DID YOU GET THAT? I hope so. Some guy called me today and he was probably jerking his dick before he sent me a pic. He wanted me to go to his business web site and see his face. He better wear a mask if he is that professional. I am not your mother so follow the rules!!!
Please be respectful of my time. My time is very valuable.

Today a slave came over and I fucked him in the ass. He is in dildo training from tiny to bigger. Get a butt plug fucker!
I am out chasing for slutty females again. If a slutty girl does not have a web site I figure she needs the work and off she goes. BOO HOO

Oh some hot stud fucked my pussy on the my stuffed chair but never made it to my face.
YOU ROCK: My sex slave who loves my pantyhose made it to my face!
I love cum!

I floated this morning and had my feet rubbed by my girlfriend. Oh, I feel so good and today I will go to my yoga class/bikram. I was busy playing with a Cross Dresser last night. We rubbed our satan panties and lingerie on each other. I like the way silky panties feel on my clit.

When I got up this morning California had a hot pink sunrise. HELLO AMERICA! Did you see the eclipse of the moon on Wednesday night? I was walking out of my financial class at Stanford and was so lucky to see it. It was very spooky indeed.


See me as a sex vampire with the mortician in his lab at http://www.zoezane.com/Pages/Home.html


I voted today. Not much of a line. Very cool and I voted for one thing, President of the United States. Now the games begin huh.


If you ask me who I will vote for I will not tell you ever again. Ask me what makes me happy. I will tell you.

A penis fucked me today and rubbed himself on my on my clit. I love that!

Oh, I have been fucking the cutest men lately. I am so lucky. Today I screwed a big fucking cock and he came in my cunt. CREAMPIE!
I am off to yoga today again! Sweaty.
My cat boots is under the weather so say a your prays for him. PLEASE!!!

Live cam sex show is Saturday, November 6, 2004, AND I have invited a new dick to my show. I am so excited.

Saturday 11/06

I invited this personal assistant to a porn star to my show this morning. He showed up! Alright. If you want to be in my live cam sex shows and send a pic. Please bring recent paper documentation of a clean bill of health, your ID and your fun time attitude. I fucked my self silly and he came in my mouth. I played with the cum at the end of the show and a glob swung under my chin like glue. Hehehe.

I sucked this guy off at lunch time and another one is on his way where I will lick his balls dry in the parking lot. Oh yes, and tonight I will be off to the freak bash at Lizzy's house.

Oh what fun, and all the mayhem I can do to everyone. I am on a mission as Sinerella.

Sex Miss Lizz has the best party's. It is like this. We hang out, eat, take nasty pics, dance and flirt with each other and it makes us all horny. The same people keep showing up and last night some really hot young guys were tracking me down. Oooooooooooo I like. Well, I was tracking them down. AND, the stud "J" you can do video with me. You are the one with the English ac sent that makes me so hot. Another talented dude did a fire dance and his friends got me really horny. One was right in my face. I danced on the stripper pole, took a ton of images and used the thethrillhammer on my big clit, and GOT OFF!!!

This afternoon is I will do vid " Gangbang the Homecoming Queen".

A very close male vampire just returned from China after 3 weeks.
A new friend called me today and she wants to come out of her closet, Mistress "A".

We are in the planning process of doing a live broadcast as two dominant women with slaves at our tea party on a Saturday afternoon. Sounds interesting and our candid chat. You know, slaves as our furniture, etc. What do ya think?

Also I want to do a short vid clips on this theme, "I am a lawyer for 10 minutes, and I am screwing someone!" YA?

Too funny!


Some of you know that my male cat died last weekend. I went to the candy store yesterday to consol my soul and left an envelope with money on the counter. Today I went back to see if it was there and it was not. Expenses soul food huh. BUMMER! LOL.
I have adopted my neighbors cat, Harley. He is all black with yellow eyes. Friendly little fellow and I let him say hello inside my house today. At least I get some kitty loves and then he is gone. Sounds like a good plan right now.
Last night I took another financial class about teck stocks. Interesting.


The day before it happens. I am working on some Magazine Covers for the site that are edgy. Get myself involved and forget about my lose over Booters, my tuxedo cat of 11 year.
As fuck me baby, screw my tight throat and tell me all your wicked dreams.

Live cam sex show and what will I do? I am so unpredictable. Some guy and his buddy's saw my show on amateur cam z and wanted me to gang bang them all up in San Francisco. oooooooooooooooooo I love it!

What a surprise: this morning Howard my black boyfriend showed up for the cam show. He loves corporate woman with classes although he did not cum on my glasses in the cam. Cyber took a few images and I sent him off the school. He is such a good boy.

I just licked the dried cum on my face just a few minutes ago. Oh, in yoga class last night I heard a FART.

Wednesday 11/17

I love my backyard play with by kinky friends. So who is your favorite vampire or vampire movie? I just watched the movie "What about Mary" and the song at the end keeps going through my mind. I watched the trailor, the making of the movie, and the director is so much fun to work with. It is like improvisation. They just made it up with a lot of input from several people and invited their family and friends as extras for the movie. Just like what we do when we do a flick for the site. Totally cool. Everyone of the set contributes to the story line in my amateur porn vids.

Friday 11/19

I got this virus from my backdoor from an chat room IRC and I have been getting things ready to redo my puter. Building a wall of China around my intellectual property. ANyway I boned the neighbor and he is married, tied up the garbage man and tweaked his fran and beans god and now I am the bad nurse going someone a water treatment with my hose. My cam show is tomorrow morning as scheduled and then down to rebuilding my house/computer. I have not a virus form several years BUT now the Internet is getting nasty and not the fun kind of nasty either.

I have been busy restoring my computer from a very nasty virus that was sent to me though my backdoor from a chat software from the cam shows I did. Deleted the software for sure, installed a router and updated the anit-virus software. Silly girl, I did not think I was that important to be bombed BUT it is Cyber Wars in Heaven's Air Space. So make sure you build your Wall of China around your property "COMPUTER".

I stuffed myself for Thanksgiving at Miss Andera Storms house. We had a great time and I feel asleep in front of a bunch of movies. Many of you were asking about Kitty Foxx and send your love to her. Now for December and what do I have in store for you sex brains? The Mark of the Mannequin for Xmas and Santa's Slothful Helper.

I finally got the new cam show up and running with media encoder 9. All systems are stable. New show times are Thursday 6 PM PST/9 PM est and Saturday 8 AM PST/11 AM EST.

I am setting my new dates for images and videos this month which will be a blast. LOL. I need to get some rest for bombing my puter was stressful. I was able to save all my pics in the hard drive.

I will be in Las Vegas just before New Year's Eve up till the last day of AVN so check this out

Today was someone's birthday so I did this wild fantasy where I was his step-mom and broke him in. Way way naughty huh. I did a lap dance and different position. Doggie style drained his nuts good. Happy Birthday big boy. oxxoxoxo zoe

The last day of November. It has been really cold for California. I went to my car this morning with frost on my windshield. I am doing more private cam shows with amateur cam z this week until I get the configurations set up with ifriends.com since I have a router. Today I toyed myself and sucked a cock off swallowing all of his cum.

I had someone call me up about 5 PM and this is what he said to me. "I have the rest of the year off and I am on vacation" I laughed since there was 7 hours till midnight. At least if felt like I had some time off. Wahoo!
Happy New Year everyone. Be safe and happy. This is pretty crazy but I did naked yoga for Cyber Boy and that did not last long to bring in the new year. Look for those pics with cum on my face. I will do my private naked yoga with other naked friends in Las Vegas next week.
Click here for LasVegasInternext January 5-7, 2004 12.30.03

I will be out at vegasredrooster Saturday night, the gotiparty on Sunday and then some image and photo shoots during the week. Beth Morggan and her hubby will come in Jan 6th so some hot stuff will be going on. Candi Las Vegas, Ami Charms and I will do pics .I am still doing bikram yoga and what is this? I feel like the chain saw massacre is coming out of my body. You all know that I graduated from BYU 1969. That I married a seminary teacher with all his rejection and proud attitude like he was better than me. I hate to admit this but he had to find someone with low self-esteem to make himself feel good. Fucker!
Not any more. I know better. You get all that crap you're no good from the time ur little but your soul can't take it anymore and so you say NO MORE! My father tries to put me in that shameful place but forget it buddy. I am big girl now. Your soul can only take so much and then it has to stop!
Last night Kat showed up at my studio and we toasted each other in kissing and sucking. I had so much fun that the update will be tonight. Sorry! I am such a big slut. I just had to have some fun. It is raining in San Jose this morning. My two male cats got drenched and are sleeping in now. I am looking forward to a great time in Las Vegas this weekend. I will get to meet more Internet Starlets. I love girls don't you. hehehe
There might be a few technical difficulties with the update but will be fixed tonight.
The guests are gone and my house is back. When you have 6 adults and 2 babies in a 2 bedroom apartment it sucks. Finger prints still on the walls and the bedding needs to be washed. I put back some holiday decorations for the new year and it feels much better. Cyber boy will do the laundry today and the update. My home is back and we can relax. This will not happen again. The relatives will have to pay for their own lodging if they want to see us that bad.12.27.03
Oh I love hello kitty a lotta. 12.25.03
I have xmas company and it is total mayhem. The cat pissed on their bedding and pooped in the corner. Poor kitty! Really! I am staying in a hotel room. Next year they will stand on the street corner and beg for their hotel room. Do any of you feel this way today. No wonder people have addictions. Mine is dick! HAHAHA! I will survive. I am on my 9th day for bikram yoga .I will go to the movies today to see "Lord of the Rings".
12.24.03I wrapped presents, still more shopping and decorated the tree. Did the dishes made the beds, filled up the fridge and I AM TRIED. Yesterday a big dick came on my face and I went to the mall with his load dried on my face. I bought some See's candy for my Dad!
12.23.03Yoga was a major hummer last night. I was so fucking hot in the room I could of heat up the whole whole valley. I might ned to drink more water.
Yesterday I saw two sex slave. One was a nipple slut and the other was a mommy's boy. I live to disarm men. I get the biggest kick out of making them into putty!
Oh check out my new nasty double cum load pic in my bukakke yahoo group at 12.22.03
Seven days now into yoga. I'm a shopping fool. Fuck me!. I love ice cream but don't eat much of it anymore. Christmas trees and light I love too. See ya later dude! Jerk off today why not.

I just started a yahoo group for the adult star Seka at:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adultstarseka/
Xmas shopping, wrapping presents, performing and getting off in my live cam show. I did a DP on myself and I ass fucked myself with the my black dildo. I need some new toys for xmas. One of my studs sent me a story about vampires. We did a photo shoot in AZ together. He might show up for the www.gotiparty.com on January 4, 2003
Here is an interesting story about a street walker:
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A 140-pound rapist met his match with an angry,
275-pound prostitute, police said.


Adrian Castillo Ramirez allegedly tried to sexually assault a 24-year-
old Bakersfield prostitute who was nearly twice his weight.

But she took his knife, stripped him naked and paraded him in front
of other prostitutes, after asking how many of them had ever been
forced into sex at knife point. Then she tried to take him — still
naked — to the police station, reports said.

Castillo was charged with failing to register as a sex offender, and
with committing forcible sex acts on the 24-year-old and on a 37-year-
old woman in a previous incident. He was convicted of four counts of
rape in 1988.

Castillo pleaded innocent Wednesday, and is being held on $250,000
bail, police said.

Last night in the cam Christine was a very big slut for officer naughty which is me fucker. American jails need more sluts. I bet more people would get in trouble just so they could go to my strip search. Christine rode my strap on in the cam. I made here stick her finger in her ass and call herself a whore. That tiny pussy got really wet. I gave her a good spanking. After the sex cam show we did a lesbian photo shoot that you will see in the membership.
I sucked off a lot of guys this week. Hose queen strikes again and again. Cum goggling whores are out for xmas. Whore-a scope: check this out you big fuck stick at http://loadedgirls.com/christmas porn/12.19.03I was the Las Vegas show girl yesterday and when I got through with the fucker we both looker whorey! Hum? Kitty Foxx wanted me to call her last night? I wonder if we are going to do some hot fucking in Las Vegas the first part of January. We are so wicked and she comes up with very nasty things to do for here and me.12.18.03
It is Thursday and off the bikram yoga this morning at 9:15 AM. I did it last night. 10 days of kick your butt yoga by Bikram. It is NAZI yoga but it is the one and only yoga that works. Trust me. I am getting stronger. I love it. Like a ballerina. It is my passion the dance.
Yesterday I had a sissy maid organize my studio costumes and such. It feels so good. Yahoo!
Some sex slave nut dropped over and I tied him up right to the bed. He was like a run away train for me. Fewie!!! Then Mr. Oatmeal, came over. We did a kinky fantasy. I was his female guardian that he watch in the shower and one thing led to another. He fucked me real good!
Music file you can shake your booty to today. File : / *** The Santa Clause Rock ***
Description : http://www.soundclick.com/util/streamM3U.m3u?ID=137118&q=Lo
Merry fucking xmas music.

I watched "seabisquit" last night. It is a great story and spider man did a good job. I like stories where the underdog wins. You know where someone common flies to the moon and WINS!
Hey if you didn't know, and I really don't care what anyone thinks, I was molested ar a very early age. I have ben dealing with it so here are my thought about it today...I see my parents as tiny children who need love. I have compassion for my parent's childhoods. I now know that I chose them because they were perfect for what I had to learn. I forgive them and set them free, and I set myself free. So what the fuck, there you have it dude!

Yoga at 7:15 AM in the morning is freaking harder than at night. I am doing this for 10 days straight to support a friend who wants to have better health and happier life. LOL there were only 3 of us in the class with Barry, the instructor. He is really cool. I love to see men do yoga. It can make men into such strong warriors. Redirect their energy. Hey dude be a Samaria in the 21 Century.Tje bikram yoga is aerobics and builds a lot of strength.
I have been really busy with xmas and my headlining to Phoenix took me away from running around with Kelly my mature slutty girlfriend that has the RV. We plan to go out this weekend to one of the college for some horny prey.

Merry xmas everyone. ifriends.com some one feel in love with with gutter mouth and mind....and my slut brazed hair. Sex vampiring men is so much fun.
Some crazy fuck stick wanted me to take his cum from him. I DID!

2 sissy maids showed up and one wants my boyfriend. Watch out fucker. Last but not least I got a stock tip from a nipple slave. Men are so much fun. I talked with a porn producer about a shoot this Sunday in Northern California.

Sweet dreams everyone. I will be at bikram yoga tomorrow morning at 7:15 AM with a friend. Loves zozo blowblow

Erotic writers post your stories and photo bogs here at eroticblogging
There is more coming for the site very soon so check back. I want to publish an erotic coffee table hardback book for mature women.

The power of our words win the day. Yesterday was XMAS shopping day for a lot of people. Do you have a xmas tree? I still don't. Maybe I will wait till the end and get a snoopy tree. You know the hasbeen on the lot with all the branches falling off and the tree is drying for a drink o water.
The weeks update is about how I like to sneak around adult video booths and have some sexy nasty fun. A lot of these places are shut down or have cameras that kill my fun. Here in San Jose one is close by me near Tinkers Damn Bar. It is a gay bar. EDGY THOUGHTS...My fantasy is to be in a room of gay men and watch them have sex. When I was up in SF I watched some gay porn and I will admit it is pretty intense and hot to watch. Men are sex! PERIOD! I like that.

WHATEVER...SO WHAT THE FUCK is the name of my online erotic blogging electric book. Your reading it buddy!

It was really hot getting screwed in my south hole from bad santa last night in the cam show. I got so horny for it I did not care what the viewers were seeing. I just made Santa throw me down and plow my ass hole good. I had a really great time as his Xmas dolly last night. Yesterday I saw this homeless old man pee on a bushy corner in Silicon valley. He must of been drunk because he didn't care what anyone was seeing. i thought it was funny. LOL. I jammed again on ifriends.com yesterday. This fucker cam over and I made him do bad things when I sucked him nipples. What a whimp. He licked my ass. Then another pathetic good looker dropped over sucked my feet, legs armpits, and my dirty ass. What a pig!



Yoga was pretty good. Doing it everyday in Phoenix helped a lot. I only wish my life would of not been so hard this time. I must of run from lessons I was to learn in the past. Hum? It must of been painful to run. Oh well.
Yesterday I had 2 slaves stop in for training. One I tease to death and don't let him come for a very long time. I make him wear sexy lingerie, high heel shoe and red lipstick. Give him 25 good slaps on his ass! Sissy bitch!
He will be forced to suck one of my slaves's dick real soon. Then another male who can't hold his cum to save his life got a lesson on how to do holdbacks so he cums when I want him to cum. I rocked in iFriends.com again.
Next week Christine will be in my live cam show again. I plan to fuck her with my dildo!

What is this another sissy boy who steals pantys and runs to tell fetish mommy, that's me. He jumped into my closet, took out my clothes without my permission, which makes me mad the stupid fucker and then I gave him a good spanking which he begged for.
On ifriends.com yesterday I was jamming! WhoYA! Devil girl corrupts again. My life is on the edge and sometimes I have to shut the fuck UP!

At Stevi's strip club Princess the dancer was dressed up like a cop and hauled me out because I broke the rules. I masturbated in the stage. When I go again I'm planning on making myself a convict costumes for girls of coarse and we will do a 2 girls thing on the stage.

Yoga is training. What happened yesterday??? I got a big load of cum in my pussie and I was someone's' mommy. Oh by the way I was someone's mommy in the kitchen at the resort. The cook kept chasing me and sent me some yummy dishes from his kitchen. Then he told me in a note he wanted my to be his mommy. I gave him a good spanking and fucked him in his ass. I totally forgot about that until this morning.


What the fuck! Some of my photos last week got lost when we tried to finalize all the images. The woes of the internet and my amateur porn production fuck ups. Sometimes I just want to stick my head in a hole or kick some ass like an ostrich. Those big birds are incredibly strong.

At least I have my adventures to share. There was the really cute bell boy at the resort. I wore very tight, short low cut clothing all week long to get his attention.
Teasing hot mama grabs your mother fucking balls and makes them squirt. I followed him to this obscure dwelling, played with myself on the living room rug and sucked him off. Running around flirting with the help got me so horny I plowed Cyber Boy when he came home. He did not complain. I missed doing my cam shows last week. Everything will be back to normal.

I am bring my submissive girlfriend back on the show this month and I will contact my male sex slave to fuck him in the ass. "Sex-slave features" will be posted on the site as soon as I know they can come down to play with bad granny!

Hi everyone! I'm home now and have I got some tales to tell. I had a deviant time teasing and making the hired help at the golf resort get hard. One night I was fucking in between the buildings and got caught. So I just grabbed his crotch and sucked him off while fucking my hole. Nobody talked! Why and spoil all the fun for the rest of the week. I have got some family matters to tend to and will let you know what I did while on vacation in Phoenix, Arizona.

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What was I doing yesterday. Making a sex pervert that flashes himself in front of women pay up!
Went shopping for Arizona, some trashy clothes and heels.
Talked with this old boyfriend about making a porno series and he is younger than me (after December 7), about a trashy mom or something. Whatever we conjure up will be dick throbbing for men and women. A series about older women and what they do to other sexy people. The plan to get it on DVD for you stroking pleasure. Diabolical designs with wicked minds.

I am going to leave up this pic for a few days so enjoy. I like the whore look. I have got a very long list of things to do right now. No rest for the wicked. hehehe... Here is a small pic of something wild

Me ass fucking myself with my favorite vibrator I LOST. OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!

How many of you fuckers out there live in your computer vampire cave like me. I was on the freaking computer for over 5 hours today. I am out of here and I'm going shopping, tan my hot ass and screw myself silly. See ya!! This vampire geek drama gets to ya. Ekk! Screaming*&@**&>><<"""!!!

What's up nest on my calendar in Phoenix next week on Friday and Saturday at Stevi Secret's Cabaret and then to PAW the following weekend. Internex and AVN are coming up in January in Las Vegas. A lot of sex parties to attend. Oh YA! I will get to be with a lot of amateur sluts and studs in January. If you want to be in my gang bang in January email me. I do one around my birthday. Fucking is so much fun. I had a great time in the cam last nigh with all the sexy viewers watching me get off. They always make me laugh. This morning I will fuck Cyber Boy real good and do some naked yoga poses.

I think that is interesting that Michael turned himself in and he paid his bail at 3 million dollars. What is next?

I am going to get some pics from an older boyfriend this weekend of me getting ass fucked by 2 guys. He is a photographer.

In yoga last night I felt my core strength come back. Professional dancers work on the inner strength lifting up through the center of the body constantly. I love dancing. The challenge and the discipline along with the creativity. Modern dance, my favorite all the way cofounder Martha Graham. Ballet was to resistive but good discipline.
I think funny lov is good. It is playful and crazy fun.

Sometimes I feel like an alien is inside of me. When you start to heal the body it get funky. Have you ever felt like you were never in the right place EVER! My whole life has been that story.
I am so much in love with this funny love cartoon character right now, she is called pucca. She is such a brat!!! Which pucca character are you...
Hey, it buzzzng all over the place about Michael Jackson. Everyone has their feelings about it. Whatever. I think it is very sad indeed and these words explain how I feel by one of Stevi Secret's yahoo members:

 Michael Jackson does indeed Michal Jackson might have a sickness with his 
pedophilia problem,and should seek legal treatment for it,rather than
being imprisoned,since Martin Bashir's MJ special perfectly depicted
Michael's situation(abuse from childhood via his dad,and his older
brothers openly sharing their groupies around him[at his way younger
age])and eccentric life,for he surely has to grow up,get out of his
Peter Pan persona,and get a more mature image going(maybe hang out
with gangster rappers[such as Ice Cube and Ice-T] and porn
stars),should he be lucky in avoiding prison time(who looks very
doubtful here).
What is really sad here is how those in the media are
hungrily circling around him,as the likes of Gloria Allred(a person
who should spend more time devoting herself to crusading to
supporting liberal issue[since Gloria is an open liberal]than
constantly bashing male personas,which she is negatively famous for)
and Marcia Clark(guess she needed to expand that 15 minutes of fame)
have already leaped into the party,with all of the "Entertainment
Tonight"-esque shows and the right-wing media figures patiently
awaiting for their turn to join in,and Howard Stern readying himself
to charge that this is all a conspiracy against blacks(with Kobe
Bryant currently going through his personal dilemma),since he enjoy
indulging in negativity-tinted racial issues,which will help make
this one another lengthy true-to-life tragedy for the media to
reluctantly drag everybody through(or,better yet,share with us)and
stretch it out thoroughly to the very end,whether we like to view it
(and hear about it)or not.
Yes,it is a very sad story,indeed.

Steven M.

On a holiday note: what are you doing for Thanksgiving this year. I am eating mash potatoes and pumpkin pie with whipping cream. I hardly eat mash potatoes and I love them. My cam shows next
week will be at a difference time since I will be in Phoenix on Friday and Saturday.11.19.03
Yesterday I was so trashy as you can see above. A boyfriend likes me to dress up as a trashy showgirl and play with his dick under the table as we watch a showgirl show in Las Vegas. One of my sex slaves, a new one that loves to worship my painted toes, feet and legs in silk nylons, and I did pull my sex vampire tactics on this fucker will be my sex slave for life. Enslavement is so fine. Another new boyfriend that I picked up with the RV is so in love with me. FLESH, naked flesh is so good, the taste of naked flesh. And last but not least I captured another love slave from Miami with my "ASS". I am thinking my trashy shoe and lingerie site. Well I have been working on this baby for over 8 months. I just contacted George Webber to make me a cartoon logo.Oh FUCK! Bikram yoga with my French trainer was hardcore yesterday at 4:30 PM. Kicked some life into me!!! I am planning on going to Las Vegas for AVN and INTERNEX. See you there big boy to sign autographs. Hey do you like my trashy whore pic up above??? Pretty makeup huh!
Whore-a-scope: Check this chicky out at Caroline Casta. A friend told me about her since she was handing out her sexy post cards at the gym to all the trainers. She lives very close to me. Now, to meet her and hook up? Hum. Any ideas on how I can do that. He He He
I am off to cam early this morning on ifriends and then a sex slave is coming over to worship me. He is an ass kisser!

I have been watching KINGPIN, the series about Mexican drug loads. The main male actor is pretty level headed. Those mexicans are so sexy fucking. The woman are such good fucks. I had a sex vampire girlfriend that was the hottest mama ever. I loved to watch her suck dick. She was totally babish. Penthouse Pet quality. I wish she would of let me take pics of her. LOL she liked her dragons.
I'm thinking about Christmas and all that red. I'm into red at the moment. Have you read this article on why younger men love older women. I posted it last year about this time. Oh! More previous news archives for you to find out more about me and my old web mistress. She is such a brat and I had lesson from her. I took "BRAT101" and failed! HA HA HA
Yesterday I got my studio and home organized. I have been so freaking busy that it was begging me to clean it up. It looks so much better. Cyber boy is working on a new bathroom. He's so GOOD!
I got this letter from a fan in Phoenix, a truck driver that I might do a video with when I headline at Stevi Secret's cabaret on November 28-29. I love nude dancing. I will get some of my favorite music organized for the DJ. A lot of sex parties. Raw hoo... fucking and sucking.
There have been a few responses to the Christmas contest so send yours in you motherfucker. Hey if not many people do it your chances are high, right? The video is really good. You can see his dick go down my throat as I hang my head over the office table.
Hey, if you want to win a date with or or get a free video enter my fantasy contest. Send in your wild thoughts through e-mail and one lucky person will get a early christmas present from me. Get it in by December 20, 2003. If you win out of state you can have that date with me but you will have to fly in or I will send you my award winning cock sucking video. Sounds good? I think so.
I pride myself in my honesty. It has been one of my down falls in life and I had to learn to keep my mouth shut. People don't want to hear the truth sometimes SO I just shut the fuck up. Last night Cyber Boys was going to fuck me in the live sex cam show and had to work late and made it for the last 10 minutes of the show. He did not even shower. When I went to suck his dick it was all sweaty. I was worried something happened to him but that is over and done. The cam viewers were so sweet last night. It was like they were worshipping my beauty at 56 years old. Thanks everyone! Yesterday I did my "kickass" yoga class and when I got to the camel pose I could hardly do it. Funny how the body is constantly changing.
Have you felt different lately. I heard that 6 planets merged last Sunday and some good energy was beaming our way. We need all that we can get on this planet. Thanks stars and beams from above.
We are going to make the new site easier to navigate for better wanking. A no brainer site. Get in and get yourself off. I like!

The contest is open for anyone now to win a date with me or the cock sucking video.
Cam on ifriends was rocking today. I like to be a nasty girl and talk dirty to you in the live cam. I was divadiamond today.
I played the bad nurse with a sex slave and gave him an enema for being a pervert. Then this old boyfriend cam over who has tried to get me drunk in the past. He was so horny that it did not last long. I'm too good!
I went shopping for some See's candy. One of my favorite stores is Hot Topic.
Hey I heard there was a big bust of over 200 women somewhere in another state who are working girls out of their homes. Oh fuck!
Well here is the scoop... for my live sex show Friday night at 7 PM PST. Cyber Boy will be on with his fucking hard on. I have been cheating on him a lot this week. I will tell him right in front of his face how much I like to fuck other men ALL the time. Off to float this morning.
Oh last night we screwed the fucking heaven into each other. YUMYUM! I was so horny after fucking other guys I had to have more cock in me! Oh I am encouraging my girlfriend to have an affair with a new male lover. WICKED WICKED WICKED !
Yesterday it was party time with all my boyfriends. I sucked off this fucker and he told me about this woman that has a lover and a husband. She just wants to fuck around. She did him to. My kind of girl. I whipped my sissy's ass for being late for one of my boyfriends, and then I saw another boyfriend in my PVC pleated skirt. He liked that, the sexy fucker. We screwed our brains out.
Sunday I watched "Finding Nemo". It is cartooned video about a fish that gets lost and goes to a tank in the dentist's office, and how all the fish in the sea help the father save his son. I liked it a lot. Very animated and funny. Dori, the blue female fish forgets everything. Might be a good idea for us all to just forget and be happy.
I heard that at when it is 11 AM in the morning you are to pause and remember all the lives that were given up in war. 11.11.11 AM for Veteran's Day. There is so much trauma and emotion with war. I want to know if there are some of you out there who have the balls to give up all this unhappiness and become light hearted so we can live in peace. Anyone out their willing to "DO IT"??? It means you have to let go of fear and be in love. This might be a tall order for most of us. You might think it is hokey to try. When I did bikram yoga Sunday I had a very interesting experience. Since the room is at 104 degrees it is very hot. So we sweat a lot. I just cried the whole time because of my own fear inside of me. While it was happening I just wanted to "GIVE IT ALL UP" and be in love and peace. Hey, I just revealed a deep part of myself. When I was a child I was raised with fear of God or whatever. I guess it was coming out. Sometimes I want to be a tree or a bird. Sometimes I want to be out their on another planet. I want to be on the "HAPPY PLANET". Cyber Boy was listening to some politicians talk about what is happening with the "Patriot ACT" on the radio. He wished he did not hear what is happening to us since 911. There in one thing I know. Humans can not be slaves for very long.
In the cam yesterday on ifriends.com, yepper stopped in to chat with me. He makes me laugh. What a gift to make someone laugh. I asked him how many people were watching the live cam show with Chritine. He said over 150 viewers. WOW! THat makes me feel good. We were having a blast. I can still see her walking down the hall to the bathroom with her dildo in her ass. It was hilarious.
Sunday I visited someone who is taking control of themselves. Being present. What a tall order. Someone else I know made the effort to heal himself from a life of bitterness. You guys have balls. There are belief systems out their that want you not to think, just take orders, do not ask questions. What matrix are you living in? Boy am I zoning today. Wake up dude to those inner stirrings.
I think the terminator is out now and so is dumb and dumber #2. We need heroes and comedians. Be your own hero dude! We all make a difference in the little things. Trust me, a smile can change the way were are for the day, for a life time.
I still think those mini cooper are cute but to get one you have to put down $2,500. They are on back order and most of them are 4-speed, not automatic. That is fucked in Silicon Valley with all this freaking traffic. One tired foot!

What happened? Some how my dsl connection shut down. It is fixed now. Oh fuck.
Saturday Christine was on my live sex show and it was a fucking blast. He boyfriend was one of the camera men, his name is "Zoom Zoom" and Cyber boy had a big hardon the whole time as he tried to take the cam images for the membership. He wanted to watch it just happen. I was making her scream I am filthy, slut, filthy whore, yada yada, and I was cackling so hard. We both had a big orgasm, I touched her in al the right places. Her panty crotch was creaming from pleasure before she got off and you can see it in the pictures. I gave her a nice spanking, put nipple clamps on her and made her fuck herself in the ass with a dildo).
Everything is back to normal and not by the world's normal standards. LOL!
This week for the update Kitty Foxx and I fuck this stud at her house. We went flashing and those pics will be later, and got his thinger stiffin hard. Waste me please, yes, I am a grandma-motherfucker...., and I ate out his cum in her cunt at the end. What a pig!
Sunday I did this kick myself in the ass bikram yoga class. When I am 60 I will have a body just like a 22 year old. May the force be with me until then. I need all the help I can get. If you have done this kind of yoga, my panties off to you!.
Watch the matrix trailor http://entertainment.msn.com/movies/movie.aspx?m=232 11.06.03
Off to float this morning. I had a family emergency late last night. Some human was freaking out. Some kind of drama. Maybe I need to put my life on TV and makes some money. I am sure someone would watch. He He He!!! I think I am going to the hills. Do any of you feel like that? The lines were way to long for the Matrix yesterday. Did any of you see the Revolution?

Today the Matrix is out. I might go and even fight the crowd with a photographer friend.
Hey you can get Photoshop 7.0 PC only with out the book (new CD) while supplies last at $49.00 at this site www.buysusa.com and other software from Adobe. A new version for Photoshop 8 or something is out now.
I have this married boyfriend and his wife does not like to fuck him. So he invited me over to his house and I seduced his wife in the kitchen. He was hiding in the pantry watching me make her do sexy things by the stove. I have this way with women. We just start to have fun and then I let it rip. "Girls just want to have fun."
I am the proud owner of "certificate of completion Photoshop 7.0 class". I passed the class. For my class project I made a post card with my sexy legs, feet and heels. I did not want to show the class because everyone did family photos. But my teacher thought it was a clever idea. Hum? I had this dance teacher at BYU who raved about my long legs all the time. I think a lot of women are lesbian but don't know it.
My car got got hit from behind from a senior citizen in a parking lot and will be in the shop for awhile.
Last night I watch Reese Wither spoon in LEGALLY BLONDE 2: RED, WHITE & BlONDE. What a hot chick. Our next Goldie Hawn but shorter and full of it. It was pretty good.
Oh I found some news archives for your reading pleasure newsarchives.html and old notes from my web mistress. She is such a cutie and so smart. Computer nerd for sure.

Just one more day till the Matrix Revolution is out. It will be interesting to see how good this one is. If you go let me know what you think. It can be really crowded on the first few days so I will wait for it to cool down. I don't like standing in line for anything. Boring!!! Oh tonight is my last class for Photoshop 7.0
Another slave with another notch on my wall. Some over worked male crawled to my door begging to be tied up and teased. He wanted to just please me. It pleases me to be in control and drive the fucker inzane. I forced him to suck my strapOn. Do any of you out there like that? Sucking and fucking my penis?
I am off to bikram yoga this morning. Squeezing and sweating for my beautiful self baby. Talk about hardcore exercise on yourself. Afterwards it feels great.
My girlfriend Stevi Secret will be on the Playboy Channel Thursday night from 3-7 pm PSt. If you want to call in here is the # 1-800-359-6100 Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath will be on also. That is the Playboy XM Radio Channel 205.

This is the month of thanksgiving. I am so thankful for my gentiles and your dick in my face and pussy. I am so thankful that I can get fucked by any one I like. I am so thankful for my eye site and finger tips so I can surf the Internet to see beautiful women. I have heard that a lot of women are surfing for porn. If you find that article e-mail it to me okay.
I took Sunday off from all the excitement of Halloween. Did a class of bikram yoga which I survived and it was a lot easier this time, floated in my friend's tank for stress relief and relaxation, and watched some movies.
Saturday night I went to this great costume party by the Rose Gardens in San Jose, California. A lot of intelligent and creative people. Officer naughty hand cuffed a lot of ghoulish creatures and played with them.
Oh I have been thinking about those Mini Coopers for my own personal use and for a images shoot called "My Italian Job". Blow jobs in cars are so much fun.

Last night I went to a party in the naughty burbs of San Jose. A lot of devil boys, freaky nerds and sexy wives playing around. This wifey chick came on to me. She was drunk. Her husband is so nerdy. She was so hot while I was grinding on Cyber Boys cock. I like these people and I want more!

I had a great time getting laid in my live cam show las night. I moved the massage table and there was more room to get it comfortably slamming good. When you do as many vid and images shoots it can get arduous so I am like it to be cozy yummy if I can make it that way. Why do you think I stay in such good shape for my age. It is not laying a around for sure.
Whore-a-scope: Where do I surf a lot? I LOVE HOT Women A LOT!!! At these sexy sites all the time.
She has pop ups now so you your pop up stopper.
http://jillkelly.com/ She is inspiring.
ww.juliestrain.com/ Gorgeous woman, and full of vim and vigor.
http://www.iamtrouble.com/ She is so creative and what a cutie sexy chick.
http://bethmorggan.com/ Beth changed her site. I liked the older one. She has pop ups but I love Beth. I can hardly wait to see here again. LOL England is so far away.
http://www.naughtyathome.com/homepagefolder/homepageframesettwo.htm Housewife that is real in my book.
http://www.nina.com/ftourbbwmp.html Nina is a doll. I want a new vid clip at the beginning.
http://wifeysworld.com/ Great facials and such big boobs. I love big boobed women.
http://www.sammy4u.com/ What a hottie!
http://www.clubjenna.com/low_index.html She is so smart.

10.31.03 Hope you enjoy yourself today. I will be getting my crypt ready to sacrifice this horny male stud for my live cam show today. He will get wasted and so will you tonight. Make sure you take your vitamins and drink plenty of water today. Yesterday this long time slutty slave of mine drop over to dress up in my pink girlie clothes for me to suck him off and make his useless for the next 24 hours. He wanked himself many times before he came over to my crypt. He tried not to show up but could not resist. Sex vampires put spells on their sex slaves forever. It is useless to try to stop so fucking submit!
Pumpkin Pie forever? Mama will be in the kitchen morning and night until next Halloween baking pumpkin bread for the entire USA. See this awesome pumpkin and the growers
http://www.pumpkinnook.com/giants/record.htmRecord Pumpkins listed by State http://www.backyardgardener.com/record.htmlWorld's Record Pumpkin Pie http://www.vanislepumpkinfest.com/serv02.htm
Now for Yesterday some very young looking guy was at the store. We ended out in his car and I sucked and fucked him off in the parking lot.

nipples were pierced. A nipple slut in my world. Oh yes, I can control those fuckers realThen my sissy maid boy was late for one of my dates with a big cocked boyfriend so i punished him. Tied him up, spanked his ass and made him eat the cum out of my pussie. I use this pussie fuck toy on his small penis to emasculate him. This is the only way he can have sex. And lastly, some stud from the rich hills fly over and we screwed ourselves good and then he plastered his cum all over my slut lips. Gobble gobble!

Two more days till the big day. I am crazy about Halloween. We are going to a party on Saturday all dressed up.
I want to tell you some things about myself. I did not become an Internet model until I was 50 years old. I filmed myself way before this. There are some private films of me that special friends have for their own collection. Now if I can bribe them for my web use that could be most interesting.
I am going to photography myself. There is a lot a creative energy inside of me. Self-timed pictures.
Oh, we are still on a learning curve right now. Trying to figure out how to make those new vid clips work. Looking for nerds who know the answers. Classified: I am a fuckfucking amateur and sometimes I wonder what the fuck I am doing.

The definition of chaos is: confusion, ataxia, ballup, clutter, disarray, huddle, muddle, snari, topsyturvy, disorder, lawlessness, mobocracy, anarchy, ochlocracy, misrule, unruliness. Please do not shake your hips because it might cause chaos!!!
Look at all these nude women http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_832778.html
This photographer and some of the beautiful models have been arrested for nudity in public.
Check out this article about porn sites and the government http://www.ynotmasters.com/public/Index.cgi "Danger is brewing-Let's get serious" and this article http://www.bojiggly.com/porn.html
Are they going to make it difficult for porn webmasters??? Just to make you aware of what is out there. Maybe a big witch hunt???
I am off to float this morning, a massage from my blond girlfriend and a nail manicure.
Today has been a bit hectic. A lot of behind the scenes stuff to do. Oh last night I decided to make a change in my yoga routine. It is VERY INTENSE!!! The bikram yoga torture class at 104 degrees. It is one and half hours long. I was speechless and amazed that I made it through the class. My hubby thinks I rock. He didn't think I would even make it through one class. What a way to get someone to love you even more. He can't stop talking about it. He thinks I'm the strongest women alive. Well, I am still alive.
When I did the photos for this shoot I stuck a cucumber in my ass hole. Tom Mayes wanted to see how far I could go. You know we could of cut off part of the cucumber and stuck it in but I did not know that. I just slammed it in my tight ass.
This morning we did the naughty officer with the prisoner photo shoot for my Halloweiner update for this week. It is pretty hot. Cum to my jail, get in trouble, break the law for "MAYHEM INSUES IN MY COUNTY JAIL"
I was engineered for mayhem and chaos.
Whore-a-scope: Go to this hot web site and she is not a whore but you want her to be at www.iamtrouble.com where I will post 30-50 pictures of my self. Masumi Max is a very grO0vy chicky boom boom in my book. Hey check out
www.kittyfoxx.com she has new vid clips in her membership now. I watched them when I was in Las Vegas. Pretty good stuff.

Hi everyone. I have had a lot requests to shave my pussie for pictures. It is such a hassle when I let it grows back. I remember the first time I had it shaved by Cyber Boy. It turned me on so much and I was really horny. Hairy like this: wear your swimming suit and all my hairs are stretching way out to the corners of my hips. Cyber boy said when he first say it he knew I was a sex maniac because of so much pussie hair. I am thinking when will I do this so it will not be so itchy when I do my stuff for the web site.
Oh check this out and I am got the game http://starwarsgalaxies.station.sony.com/ Oh
Whore-a-scope: Oh the Bunny Ranch. I heard from a very good source that Air Force Amy is the best when it comes to your first time. She makes you feel comfortable. I thought so. She's got it. Sunset Thomas married the owner, smart chick, and asks for $3000 just to see her. Put it in the bank hottie and be a millionairess. Now this is from a third party about Sunset so how accurate it is, go fig??? www.bunnyranch.com
Well we are on the move to find more people for the live cam show at a swing club close by.
What happened yesterday: Men in restraunts can fuck real good on the floor in the men's bathroom and scientists need a sadistic nurse to make him suffer because he flashes his neighbor women friends. The nurse takes him up to the stables ties him up t a barn post and puts on the milking machine but does not let him go. She just leaves the machine on and when he is ready to cum she turns it off. Drive you crazy you motherfucker flasher fuck boy. after hours of pleasure torture she lets him get off. Was he raw, who cares, and does he care, NO, and he is out flashing again. Men love sex punishment, don't you!!!


Yesterday Zakk Tyler from KSJO called me to tell me about this HUGE big boobed chick, her name, Crystal Storm, measurements at 121 MMM and they weighted something like 51 lbs. Now that is a handful.
I have some news about the bunny ranch but I will tell you later. It is very interesting. Got to run to get my feet rubbed by some girl slave.

Last night I watched this movie called 28 days later about this virus in England. It was very graphic. Around Halloween I get into the dark-side of myself. It seems the movies do the speed it up so you don't see the real gory stuff. Quick diggy vid!
I'm so bad out fits are on the way. When I get with the web master "BURN" the new vid clips will be up for the membership. It WILL BE THIS WEEKEND FOR SURE!!! I have got to float myself to relaxation this morning.
Just a quick note: who did I do yesterday, a young stud that's has a great dick who shoot all over my bad face, this bro from the hood that taught me nasty words in Spanish for Phoenix when I headline at Stevi's club, and the woody man from up the street that loves my cock sucking.

I suck black cocks and fuck them all the time...
My Photoshop 7.0 class has been great. Last night I learned how to use the healing, patch and clone tool for images. I think it is less painful to use these tools than go to a plastic surgeon.
It seems my boobs are getting bigger. They are now a D cup. I have been working out and eating more spinage. Lol! Is that was it takes for bigger boobs. I don't know? It is working for me lol.
I am going to shake my schedule up. I will be on iFriends.com early in the morning. I just need to do things different so I won't get bored. So look for me. Also I will install Dreamweaver in another computer so I have more flexibility with my time.
Oh, I am on the prowl for so young dick this weekend. Maybe you will be the lucky ones.
We are doing an update of me in my vampire cop uniform with the prisoner this weekend.

I love butt fucking in your van!!!
It was an army of men. Who is this? I can't remember them all. It must be the Halloweiner spirit. Oh I dominated this character with his enema bag and gave him a good spanking way over this limit. Then this obsessed guy over Stephanie Swift followed. NEXT: a filthy bi-ball licker told me all his fantasies to suck some dick(by the way over 99% of men think about sucking some dick at least once in their life time, or is that over and over until they do it to see if they like it...and if your alarms are going off it's okay. Take a deep breath and your not gay if you like women). Your just bi and I wish I belonged to a fucking group where I could see the men be bi. That is hot for me. Last but the MOST: Cummer boy and he did a fantastic job of squirting a huge load all over my face. I will look at the picture today to see what we captured on digital.
These shoes are made for strutting!
It is good to be home and sleep in your own bed. Those one day flights to strange lands are inzane. hen I had that stupid lay over in Reno I walked back and forth for exercise for 30 minutes. I guess someone was watching. Some young studs had a hockey game of something and wanted to know what I was doing. They just wanted to get into my pants. I just told them who I was and pulled one into the men's bathroom. You guess what I did. Gave them all a personal autographed card and went home.
I found this web site on how to cheat for dummies at www.philanderers.com This web site teaches you how to cheat and not get caught. I think their needs to be a web site on how to cheat run by a woman. Hum? Who could that be?
If you didn't know I have a daughter that just returned from a Mormon mission this weekend. I fly up for one day to see her. It did make her more outgoing, She was very shy. I also saw the 2 grand babies. I had a great time playing around with them. My EX looked like hell. It is good I didn't stay with that holy dick. I have been trying to make some kinda of connection with my religious fanatic father. I went for a walk to get out of my EX's house to get SOME AIR and he was out on the street on his cell phone talking to my father. My father keeps trying to get me to go back to the church but tells me what a jerk my EX is, but they still talk with each other. Go figure??? Religious fanatic men never change.
How about this idea....I hire a hooker to come with me when I visit my Dad and watch him get all hot in front of me when she turns him on. I am so bad, zo what the fuck!

www.ifriends.com devil girl seduces men with her strut heels. Look for it in my archives.
Has anyone been playing the game, the star wars epic game? I heard it is incredible and I am going to get it.
Last night in my live cam show we played the tie me up game and give me a good spanking for being the baddest girl on the Internet. I got gagged, faced fucked a lot in the mouth by Cyber Boy. The game: I let him do it to me! Then I ran off with Kelly, the girl from Florida to Santa Cruz in her RV. What happened? We played with 7 young studs out on the beach like teenage girls and made those boys cum so much we left them in the dust, opps! ...sand passed out on blankets. The chosen three strike again with teasing, gutter talk and flashing. Men are so easy, I love it.

Beth is a big housewife slut check her out www.bethmorggan.com BUT TURN ON YOUR POP UP stopper lol. even though she has a lot of pop ups she is a fucking nasty housewife that will screw you silly just like me.
Last night I meet with some computer guru, a big giant, "mellow man". I feel confident about this big nerd. We are going to do a major face lift for the site by www.redpillmedia.com
Tonight is the cam show and Cyber Boy is going to tie me up with my pantyhose and give it to me.
The construction slut stop in last night and I gave him a good screw. www.cumminginmywife.com will be updated so check her out. I'm planning on one big giant picture of my hole. Hey this web site is one big ad to cum fuck any wife that loves to get laid!


I find this interesting read on you big fucker
Orgasm Implant

http://www.clubexplorations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=410 DON"T YOU WISH dream on!!!

I found another eggplant at the store yesterday so I will swallow it in the cam on www.ifriends.com today. At least there aren't any rules when you are cruel to your vegetables from the fridge,
I am always looking for costumes to dance in and be someone different. Get stiff you big boner man and sexy chicky babe as you watch me squirrel through the theatre in my mind. When I get on stage I become someone else. The music moves me to my groove. I like what my crotch can do to men and women. Even if they don't speak english they understand the dance of sex. Strip clubs are so regulated because they are so public. If your making a porn movie no one knows. If you taking a nude photo shoot no one knows. But when the cars roll up to see the topless or nude dancers everyone knows in your neighborhood. Female dancers need to be regulated because they wiggle their hips and things get out of control. We can not have that!
I have a new girlfriend in Florida that has a friend with an bitchie beachy RV. When Internex goes to Florida I might fly down to RV on the Florida shore line for some dick to screw my juicy slit. Her name is Julie, she's in her early forties and likes to talk dirty talk. Here she is again on my Whore-a-scope www.phonesexgirl69.com
Some crossdresser stopped by yesterday. What a slut. Walked out on my balcony to show off and then I gave him a good spanking. Nasty motherfucker!!!
I tried to blow him off this freebie male chatter in live cam yesterday calling him dirty names like bitch, motherfucker, cunt and that is not cock sucking dude. He got excited. It made me laugh lol. What is negative to one it great for another.
My web master friend stopped into say hello. He does Kitty Foxx's web site We chewed the fat about uploading vid files on our web sites. It is pretty easy. I need to get "BURN" to get my personal vid clips uploaded one per week so I can tease all you wankin' wieners.

Stripper Faye-ster in Santa Cruz. What a doll. She could put on the most wicked strip-errella tease show in Northern California. www.whatfantasiesmaycome.com

Matrix Reload is on DVD, yesterday. I watched it last night. The fighting, chop chop scenes are awesome. What a way to get in shape.

Some one over in Europe loves stripper. He is obsessed with them. Here a my STRIP-ERRELLA experience for his enjoyment. My suitcase is full of costumes. I play dress up doll for men. I like to do this. I can be different personas on one given night. Most of all I like the idea of watching and being watched on the stage. It is honor to the female, the goddess that men and women love to worship. There is so much power getting right down to the skin of things. We I do private dancers I know my sex energy is working when I rub up against a big wood.

ONE of best friends is Kitty Foxx. I had a blast with her in Las Vegas flashing by the a car wash. As we got into the back part of her station wagon a and a car drove up. We both had our legs spread really wide. Laughing large with my wicked granny girlfriend. She is so incredible for 60 years old.
My submissive girlfriend Christine loves me so much. She lives on a sail boat with her master boyfriend. We are talking about flashing. I bet her nipple will really stand up in the cold.
I am organizing a bukakke video event for November 8-9, 2003. Go to my contact page and let me now if you are really serious about doing this please. No wannabes!


This is a very long article on sex but it tells us that sexing ourselves makes us healthy so read on:
Is Sex Necessary?
Alan Farnham

Fans of abstinence had better be sitting down. "Saving

I wore this outfit out with Kelly. All I care about is hot sex so I left my outfit on from iFriends.com live cam and away Kelly and I went to get some cock yesterday.
We are working on the new update for the free thumbnail gallery today. It will be posted by midnight tonight so look for it tomorrow.
Last night I went out in the RV with Kelly. We found 2 young studs. One construction slut with a so so dick and the other guy had a really big fucking dick. Oh we had a great time getting nailed. She walked around in her high heels and mini skirt to pick up those studs. Oh she really turns me on. I love watching her suck dick.
Hey, I almost forgot we found this couple at the bar and the girl is submissive. The boyfriend watched us tease her and then I gave her a spanking for being naughty. She liked the spanking so we got the camera out and put it on film for the web site. Totally hot stuff: an older woman giving a younger woman a spanking in front of her boyfriend. I bet they are having some hot sex. She had these nipple that really stick out. We both got turned on and orgasmed. Kelly gave her a good licking but that is not on tape.

Last night in the cam I did a very interesting foot job scene with the camera. I do have a foot slave that cums all over my feet. I will call him. I was the PE teacher who disciplines bad boys. Lol.....I make them get naked, spank some of them and suck and fuck them to my hearts content because I am lusting bitch in heels.
That's me making you lust me now. Today in the cam devil girl makes you do wild things like an animal.
In my bukakke I posted 5 new pics of cock sucking and cum on my face. Go to the photos this weekend. I am also looking for men to bukakke on my face for a Thanksgiving bukakke feast 2003.
Look for my new updated free thumbnail gallery this weekend. It is on the free side of the site.
Whore-a-scope: I have a new girlfriend in Florida. I like this chick. She is so cool. check her out at www.phonesexgirl69.com Hey baby cakes! She loves what she does and so do I. We both love phone sex.

I love the Matrix. The second movie comes out next week http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/

Was the moon full last night or what? It was so romantic out there in in the parking lot. Kelly and I were on both sides of this college kid stocking his nuts and stiffy. Could he eat pussie, I was surprised. It is like this, if you can suck and lick, you can suck and lick. If you got it you got it!
I saw a very old friend yesterday. Somehow his dream crumbled, feel down, went boom boom, in the last 2 years. So sad, boo hoo. Sometimes life teaches us what we don't want. That is how we learn since there are very few examples of how to love. He had a god cry in my arms. You never know when your heart is needs to help someone out
Have any of you every floated in a floatation tank? Here is the web site of where I float all the time for relaxation and stress reduction www.floatation-center.com
My daughter and I had some much fun flashing in the middle of the day on Monday. Sunday is the best day since the businesses are closed. Monday just added more to the thrill of the flash. We have to be cautious since I could get thrown in jail for indecent exposure.

Tonight is the cam show. I wonder what will happen tonight with all those stiffys and slits a-a-watching.. me screw live.
OH A NEW thumbnail gallery is going up this weekend on the free side of the site. So jerk to it babe!!!
It is going to be a "pornorific" day since I will be watching porn all day long.
Whore-a scope: Check out this site www.sammy4u.com What a chicky boomboom! Cute girl...
On iFriends.com yesterday I posted over 25 free cam pics which are very creative. It seems that the cam viewers want to see my multiple personalities. I was changing wigs a lot. Hum, wigging out?
So Arnie had over 3 million votes, is that right? Well, he's in and I just we will see real life drama.
I've been running around with my girlfriend in he RV. A lot of watching, teasing and masturbation going on. I get my boobs malled a lot. The guys get their dicks malled a lot. I like to go to mall parking lots and we just have so much fun teasing and squeezing nuts sand stiffys I love how Kelly is so brasion and just takes the guys and makes them do such wicked things. She likes to have her ass licked. It makes her pussie so juicy. Here are some of the cam pics it took yesterday on www.ifriends.com for your jerking experience.

Yesterday, I dominated this stud. I made him get down to his knees and lick my ass. Stuck my strapon dildo in his ass. He is such an ass kisser.
Some really cute guy was my favorite today. My girlfriend in San Jose with the RV found him and took me over to the place where he was working, he cleans carpets. Boy did we clean his carpet or was that ours? He has some other friends that likes older women. Goodies for grannies.
Oh another young stud wanted me to fuck him the ass so I did. He has a personalized video of us fucking. He put it on a DVD. He told me how to do it. It sounds pretty easy just takes some time to burn it on the disc.
Boy is the moon getting big. I've got my vampire teeth in as I type. The camera man wonders where I get all my energy to do what I do. He thinks that I am a sex vampire and I am sucking up everyone's energy. I just think I am just a sucking fool!!!
Oh here it is and I hope Arnie saves the day for us.

Schwarzeneger 1,243,399 50% 30%
Bustamante 765,393 31% 30%
McClintock 316,553 13% 30%
Larry Flynt 4,589 1% 30%
Gary Coleman 3,108 0% 30%
Mary "Carey" Cook 2,664 0% 30%

And for Mary Carey:
Mary Carey may have not won the govern ship of California,but
she at least did a great representation of the adult industry,despite
some protests from a few folks on various porn message boards that
she should have brought up a couple of industry-related issues(such
as the AIM test accuracy)to further represent the industry,but that's
okay,since her main goal was to display just how mainstream and
widely accepted adult cinema has become in 21st. Century America
(heck,even Rob Black formed his own wrestling organization XPW,which
is currently dead),since nobody is prudish about porn as they were in
the early and mid 70s.
You did well,Mary !!! Right on, girlfriend!

I love to play with men's cocks.
I had a a great time in Vegas with Kitty Foxx. We drove around in one of her girlfriend's RV, top of the line and picked up this guy. There was big major boxing fight going on that weekend. Saturday night we went out to the Red Rooster but did not make it in. Just had our own party out in the RV.
As for my daughter and I, on Monday, I flashes by a red fire hydrant in her apartment complex. Some young guy came home and we had to run out fast. I don't think he would of call the cops but you never know. In Vegas there are a lot of security guards all over so the thrill of flashing is a lot of fun. Kitty and I went to the car wash and flashed some guy off.

What a show with my bad kitty last night. Catch my nurse show with me doing delicious wicked things because you have a booboo that needs a fix.
I was a filthy ass fucking whore last night in my cam show. I've got to go now to my show. See you there. I have heard there are over 80 guys and girls watching the show. Sometimes couples join in and watch. I heard that through the grapevine that Nina Hartley had over 400 viewers. Wow, you go girl! I like Nina Hartley.

This message is for Andrew. Hey you big stud I took those nasty secretary pics last night for Halloween just for you. You will see my hole spread for the boss man. So who is the boss when it comes to sex???
Watch my live cam show tonight at 7 pm California time. I'm devil girl and will do a DP fuck show. May the juice be with us all.

Sometimes I like butt fucking more than pussie fucking. Last night I came home in my Devil girl outfit. We have this plan: if the missionarys come over to my house to try to bring us back into the church, I am going to answer the door with a see through top and mini on with a lot of red lipstick...like a big, nasty slut and the camera man will take a pic of their reaction. So what do u thing of that idea?

She strikes again at iFriends.com my Devil girl personality. I doing some serious searching for some "bad ass" Halloween costumes this year. One year I dressed up in 4 different costumes. I went to this party as a female crow and stood next to my girlfriend that was pregnant who looked like little, red riding hood. What a combo. I know the guys were looking at her for sure. When I got my boobs modified I went at a pregnant nun with the priest to another party. OH FUCK did that modification hurt! It was worth it lol. It took 6 month before I was sure I did the right thing. Here is the wicked nun http://www.stardomtheatre.com/Consultation%20Pages/Fantasy.html
Pretty kinky huh. If Madonna can do it so can I. Bark, bark and all that good stuff. One of my male friends I dressed up like a girl putting grapefruits in the big bra for the tits. It was really funny.
I've been cursed with this creative mind so I might as well go for it.
Last year over in the Rose Garden district in San jose I was invited to the incredible Halloween party. I'm going again even if I'm not invited. Last year I was Super Girl with Spiderman.
Last night in the Photshop 7.0 class we worked on layers and then made the pic flat to send a ass kicking pic to someone on the internet. You might get one of those if your really a bad boy. Boy does this blogging stuff take a lot of time. Oh what the FUCK! I got an "F" in spelling at school but an"A" in typing, but I did not want to be someone's secretary when all grown up.
Sometimes I get so bored with myself I turn into a sex, crazed, MAD Scientist in her la-bo ra-tory. I know you get bored to. Right! Oh the free pic you itchy horny fuck.


Image credits www.iFriends.com from my live cam shows, Today I do a free show in the afternoon. Check to see between 2-5 pm PST...California dude.

How about these tidbits about sex: younger men and older women. Baby boomers are doing it again. Right on! There are a lot of us and we make things happen. What will the X-generation do?

Sex on a first date? Only 2 percent of single women in the age group
approved, while 20 percent of the men were amenable. Frequency of sex?
Sixty percent of the women and 45 percent of the men said they hadn't
had any in the past six months.
The survey, sampling the views of 1,407 men and 2,094 women aged massage this morning. Last night I worked out at www.24hourfitness.com club and I saw some hot looking married guy that turned me on. I love go te09.29.03

She strikes on www.ifriends.com today with some stud from LA. Code name Jo Jo got off 3 times in live cam with chat. I think I have multiple personalities. At least I don't get bored with myself nor you. This cam pic is stupid quality but you get the idea. I am a maneater and I know you want to be my prey.

I am going to Las Vegas next weekend, leaving Saturday afternoon and back on Monday. Kitty Foxx and I make it happen, fucking a lot of guys at some party we conjure up. Maybe at Jake's bar. One of her girlfriend's might just have an RV so we can really pick up a lot of studs.
Oh ya, I will see my daughter also. We like to drag on cigarettes, talk about dominating men and we just might do some foot, heel-toe-sucking just to tease the hell our of you all. I am thinking about wearing bras that are skimpy and talking about our boobs.
Fuzzy, my male cat got into this big fight with one of the male cat in the neighborhood. He really got some battle scares. Almost had to take him to the vet but he took care of it. I made an appointment to see the vet and then could not find him. He knew where he had to go. He is very independent and does not like car rides or the vet at all. He finally came home, took care of his ninja-kitty-battle wound and saved me a big vet bill. Last time he went in it cost me $400 bucks. I need to seduce the vet huh! I wonder if he is not getting enough? Bad Granny
Whore-a-scope flash: Check out this pic of me in this mature gallery at

How about Mary Carey for governor...what a smart babe at http://www.marycarey.com/ I heard from the grapevine her videos are selling like crazy and she wants to have sex with Arnie!

Did you know that I am a late bloomer like Hugh Hefner and Oprah Winfrey. Really!!! I have so much to catch up on. Sometimes I feel like I missed the boat and I am swimming like a mad fish to the shore. Do any of you feel this way??? Or is it, like a trojan warrior that's going nowhere. I do like this little animated figures. Maybe I need to do a image shoot in the mud. Some guy here in Silicon Valley did take me up to the hills and we rubbed mud from a spa all over me since the mud pond was dried up. Check this out at http://mudmadness.com/warning.htm
My editor and I were talking about a vid clip for the front of the web site that is going to be really PunkROCK, what ever. When you see it I think you will agree I found a good one for my vid team. The vid clips are top quality from my live cam web shows. Update, very soon. Look for it.

I lost my gold vibrator and need a new one. It had a really nice hum to it. I like to get it in the ass a lot. Friday's cam, I out did myself again. The hubby fucked my cunt while I fucked myself in the ass with a dildo. It really felt good. That show pushes me out there. I never know what to expect. I had a orgasm. I guess that is what is real and nasty. Saturday morning I wore a red sparkly wig, my devil horns and got off really good with the vibrator. It must be the halloween vibes I love so much. I plan to wear a different costume for each show all through October. I love this spookie month. Eat you up!
Hey if you want to drop into my yahoo group and send me a cheesy line, you know the lines you tell girls to get into their pants, come on in at where you can see a few loads of cum on my face.
Whore-a-scope alert: You can find me on the Internet at this web site go to the right lower corner and click here for instant access taking you to the next page. I am on the lower right corner in the black leather chair. Watch out for all the pop ups lol. Photos by Tom Mayes http://www.grannyfucking.com/?hitID=1688665988&ccID=840&bean=1-0-3-11458-21-1-10 Kisses.

If it is anyone's birthday today, let's blow your candle, if it is anyone's unbirthday let's blow your candle off.
Teckie news: My new video editor, code name "Canupus" downloaded 16 new vid clips to the server, now they needed to be routed right, from my live cam with amateurcamZ(only the best parts). Hum, all the parts are good. I will let you know when they are ready. Boy, does this teckie stuff take time. I feel like a caterpillar in a very, very, slow evolving cocoon.

Check out this article"Bad Moon Rising" I think someone has a very big ego, is self righteous and on a gigantic power trip. Did I tell you that when I was a Mormon, a seminary teacher's wife in SLC, Utah that I thought all the gays and sex workers were evil and doomed to hell. What a self-righteous attitude I had. But life has away of refining you and now I love San Francisco, have a lot of gay friends, so what if they are, and a lot of friends that are sex workers. This world is a very big place and their is room for all of us. All those sooth sayers aren't hurting me one bit. I know the game, that is how they feel better about themselves by putting down what they think is evil. Some evil people are in the trenches and saving some lonely souls.
Drop in to my
yahoo group. Send me a cheesy line for a free hardcore sex pic. Those are the lines you give girls to get into their pants. I have had a lot of them and it gets to be real boring but since I was told about the site for cheesy lines which is one of my favorite free web sites at www.linesthataregood.com I get a big laugh all the time. It is cool to look at things differently.

I have had a lot o black cock in my hole.
Get you love lights on everyone the full moon is in Libra tonight. Make your bedroom wonderful for sex and if you just masturbate yourself and think about the chick of your dreams, do it. Hey check out this toy site, it is pretty dripping at I think the baton, the plug, the shaft and the leaning towers of penis might be yummy to use on myself and you.

This weekend bad granny and Kelly are full throttle this weekend in her fuck mobile up in San Francisco, California at the Folsum Street Fair.


I watched the documentary on Ron Jeremy "The Legend of Ron Jeremy" in between live cam shows. He has some good tips in there for wannabe male porn stars. If it is true that Ron does not use viagra for his shoots, that is great. I'm impressed. We are both school teachers at one time. I was once in a room with him at the Red Rooster swing club in Las Vegas. I was shy and just watched. He is such a big porn star. He acts just the same on film as in real life sex encounters. He loves those girls. He seemed pretty nice and was eyeing me the whole time. How about Ron Jeremy, he is so fat, and Zoe Zane, bad granny, pick up and seduce girls to do wicked nasty things from my girlfriend's RV van? I think it would be a lot of fun. last night I watched Julie Strain do another B grade movie "Delta Delta Die" where she did some cannibal meat eating scenes. She is so beautiful she can make anything look good.
We went out in the RV last night and I got fucked in the ass and reamed in my cunt for 2 different younger men. Oh, I feel pretty oh so pretty... yum yumyum lalalala hehehe


Yesterday this young stud from a swing party called me and we talked about doing some edgy video. Come on over to iFriends.com and chat with me about it today if you can.

Do u like bad girls? Bad girls go to hell. Did the church play a number on all of our minds. So much for the priest and all their kinky shit.
FREE SHOWS on ifriends.com today girls home alone 50+ section zoezanecom also I have another name DIVADIAMOND. I will use here name on and off so look for both. Off to float, to relax...mmm

My sexy feet for all you foot lovers. In my livecam/phone sex shows and I can get you off so good with my beautiful feet, if that is your fetish.
Check out this celebrity site: www.tgpprofessional.com Demi Moore's nude boobs, Bo Derek's video clip. It is pretty entertaining. I like it.
I'm getting excited out my cam show this Friday. I missed getting laid in the show with the hubby. Yesterday, in Oakland we got some great photos of me in lingerie, dominating bitchie outfits and my snatch. One photo set will be submitted to a skin magazine. Will let you know which one it is very soon.

I on the Internet surfing just like a penis. Here are newzy porn sites: www.topprotalent.com and www.avn.com

What a night I had. It was a girl's wet dream.

Off to Oakland or I will be late. Tell you about my wet dream later.

Oh my cam shows were just with me this weekend since the stud was in SLC,Utah with family. How boring it is up there. I did a big toy fuck me good show on Friday night, repeated again on Saturday morning with different high heels, tied myself up with nylons and masturbated with my big mother vibrator. Everyone watched me get off. The camera was on my face when I had a screaming, loud orgasm. Boy was I drugged with endorphins. Bodies are wonderful, dicks and clits are great!!!!!

Who is this? An old boyfriend showed up yesterday, his monster boner. We are going to take more pictures of us screwing and me showing off for the member's section. We are talking about making a video called "A boy and his penis". Does that peek your interest.
I am going to Vegas in October. I love this town. Some flashing and screwing on my slut list.
Sunday I will do a photo shoot with Tom Mayes for a skin magazine up in Oakland.
Check this out www.newlineporn.com I have heard that most porn stars will not do something for free. Hum, I just want to get naked and wash some car. Sounds like a lot of fun. If Stevi Secret has a car wash for PAW, I'm there with my new body and skin in December.

Whore-a-scope: Hey, dude, find a vid clip on this web site that is so swallowing wild where this chicky boom boom does her sucky sucky, go to www.ideepthroat.com She stuffs an 11 inch dildo in her throat. In San Jose,California near the college their is the swing club where I sucky suckied this black cock I scout for dicks to be in my movies. I found this skinny black guy and swallowed his 10 in black dick down my throat. I hung my head over the end of the couch and it slithered down passed my thyroid since I don't have tonsils. He never had his cock swallowed like that before and I was totally pleased with myself. I need to find him again and do that in front of a camera. I think his name was Dennis. I'm dressing up in my cum fuck me now pumps, short mini and skimpy top to find big "D"!!!
A new sex slave rubbed himself like a doggie, showered his cum on my see-through rubber china doll dress. I will take some really far out photos in the shower with the rubber dress.
Another sex slave showed up today. I blindfolded him, tied him up to my ceiling and called him a pig as I spanked and cropped his bad boy body.
My cam studio was left messy from last night and I will clean it up today. It was funky kinky in the cam.

My girlfriend Kelly is such a slut in her RV van. It has all the all the goodies a small apartment could have. Last night we drove over to Starbucks in Santa Clara by the K-mart and found some sweet guys to tease. It was a big masturbation party. Ohhhh 2 of them had big dicks. I held off traveling to Vegas. I need to see my daughter so bad. We will go some really wild flashing pictures and I will shop for funky heels. I miss the theatre and dancing on stage. It was my passion when I was in my twenties. Funny how life leads you in a direction you thought impossible, like living in Silicon Valley, San Jose, California.
Cyber Boy is going to SLC, Utah this week. I contacted the Fuckanator, he's black, to fuck me in my cam show. I will call him this morning.

I am writing about a lot of sexual experiences, go to www.cumminginmywife.com (their will be a lot of changes on this web site shortly) and www.stardomtheatre.com which will be REAL not fantasy. Catch the wave in a few days. I just run around my neighborhood slutting my self in delirious orgasms or making men drop their pants down to the bony knees making them do kinky.

Yesterday in free live cam www.ifriends.com I was a teasing all the views, but I got so hot I got off twice. I love to show off in front of all those men. We had a few good laughs. On Tuesday I have free shows on and off between 2-5 pm PST. Check out my new vid clips I did. You can find me as zoezanecom in the girl's home alone section OVER 50 section as BAD GRANNY about 2 pm in the afternoon PST.
I have this wild girlfriend where her boyfriend is so controlling. DUDE get with it. If your woman has great sex with you and needs to be a slut, grown up or get out of town. I hate it when some fucking male falls for some hot slutty chick and THEN tries to change her. DUDE CHILL!


Their here....OVER 6000 girls in amateur video clips for the members section. My special cam vid clips will be up by the end of the month. My editor, were working on a ma-matrix screen name is working on the footage as we speak.
I'm tapping my converse away on the gym dance floor last night. High, in my grove, bad granny is back. I love to shake my hips to my favorite tunes.
Off to float and a massage this morning.
Go to my yahoo group and read about my adventures with Kelly and her RV. Free facial pics, you be fucker.


I've been on the computer all morning reading about traffic and child protection/age verification for adult web sites www.ynotmaters.com and www.cozyfrog.com
Some technical difficulties with downloading the amateur video clips for the members. When it is worked out I will post it. This is going to be a great addition to my site.
It is cloudy and overcast today.
Off to the chiropractor.

Whore-a-scope : I will post the web sites I like, totally nasty ones. "A piece of PISCES" I love this woman, the grandma of PORN, Kitty Foxx. She is sixty and doing guys all the time in Las Vegas, Nevada. www.kittyfoxx.com Yo, go granny.
How about this event where a big bunch of porn stars "Vagie Virgo Vixens" gather in Florida. Stevi Secret thinks it is a very happening event www.tampashow.com which is tomorrow so get those tickets!
Last night Cyber Boy and I collaborated together about some edgy stuff for the site. It is a secret now but you will see it very soon. I am really excited about it.

It was 106 degrees in Los Gatos. September tries to get hot before fall sets in. It gets pretty crazy.

The full moon in pisces is passing. It was still 3/4 big and orange in the sky last night.

Yesterday I went over to 24 hours fitness gym and dances with "Die Another Day" Madonna's remix. I'M BACK!!! About 15 yrs ago I got this overuse running injury in both knees and hips. I told myself I will not end up in a wheel chair. I was on crutches for over 1 1/2 years. I thought I could do anything before this. It almost broke my spirit. The mind can get frozen with fear. But I held on and here I am today. It happened when aerobics was in with Jane Fonda and Michael Jackson was doing "Thriller". It was a great time for me but I over did it. My Mormon marriage sucked5000%, so I used exercise to survive. It has taken that long to get where I am now. You gotta believe. Be true to yourself. My passion is to dance. I love it. I can hardly wait till I go to Phoenix, Arizona to Stevi Secret's cabaret. I'M BACK!
Oh, being my slutty self freed me from those fear, shame and guilt chains.

UPDATE NEWS: Within the week I will have over 6000 video clips in my archives for the members.

Reading this subliminal message is from the Ma-matrix. When you have entered the zoezanecom web site you will pull your pants down and want to fuck me. It will make you want to see what I do inside my membership. Compelling sex powerful forces, bad granny's hole makes you cum until you pass out to the cosmos.

Live web cam last night was ass fucking, ass fucking, ass fucking. I used the hubby's dick and then went to a bigger toy. I pushed over my edge. I don't know what got into me.
Maybe it is the full moon.
I went to the gym worked out on the tread mill, danced in the gym and lifted reps with weights. By December, at Stevi Secret's PAW event, their will be a lot of improvement.
The cam show this morning will be just with me.
I am booking airfare to SLC, Utah for a family gig and then to Las Wages (Vegas) to see my stripper daughter and Kitty Foxx. I might do a video for Heatwave and more ass fucking.
Last night after I reamed my ass I just kinda spaced everything. It that what it means to be a slutty, ass fucking blonde? I GUESS SO.
Oh, by the way, I meet this guy who is a garbage man. It is pretty interesting what people in Utah do with there garbage. A lot of porn movies are thrown away in all those cans. Hey, that could be a great business to collect used porn movies and sell it on ebay....with out the lettuce and old newspapers PLEASE! hahaha Now that is a turn around how I fell about SLC, Utah. You can always find something good if you look at it differently.
I know the world is really screaming crazy/anger now days. It makes a lot of noise all that negative stuff. BUT, the good is out there too and "It is lovely, sweet and quiet". Hum, I like it quiet, lovely, and peaceful. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeee sexysweetsilentslut girl!!! Orgasm is so sweet and mellowing, huh dude!
I have a very good friend that is the DUDE and I am the DUDETTE. When you are the DUDE things work!

I think for halloween I will be a vampire police woman or sadistic prison guard, and my hubby will be a street whore. He is such a trashy bitch anyway. I got myself a good one. Highly sexed and he is always on the prowl. Watch us tonight screw like animals in my Club Blue Balls for the members.
I am working a Halloween story. I know someone who has a coffin. I've been taking photos of the moon. It was so big and orange 2 nites a go. Mars is way to far away to put them together. Bummer.
My yoga class yesterday was great. I got laid in the sack and mellowed out in the gym. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming along in life.
Off to float and a foot massage.
You are going to like all the new babes that are willing to masturbate for the site. Northern California has some not chicky.

I have mixed feelings this morning. I just got laid by the hubby so I am mellow.
Today a lot of emotions about what happened on 911. I don't have much to say about it just a lot of feelings. You might want to check this out www.911photos.com
I love lingerie. I do a lot of window shopping at www.victoriasecrets.com I know men. You love looking at beautiful women in beautiful clothing. So do I. Here is another web site I really like for lingerie in Hollywood www.trashylingerie.com
A lot of amateur models are contacting me about video and images. This should be fun for everyone.
I said goodbye to Cyber Boy and I love his touches as he whispered in my piggy ear, "You are such a dish". Hum, a slut dish. That might be a good domain name "slutdish"
Oh it is so coooooooooooool. The new editor is working out. Time frame: next 2 weeks I will have new vid clips in the membership.
I want to add something. Why is everyone so much into "time and the money". It just kills the energy flow. We are so caught up in getting. What about the exchange of energy between two people?
What about cumming in my mouth and you want it, So you do it. Then you get all freaky about doing it. What do I say to that. Don't cum in my mouth if your are so scared. I'm so tested and clean, it is pathetically wonderful. When do we think a different way so we don't live in terror and anxiety all the time. Those fears put us in slavery, bondage, and keep us frozen. It is taking some courage for me to say this. You might not agree but I am tried of hearing how sex will kill you. How about sex making you healthy and alive. How about giving our bodies some credit for being so incredible and marvelous.


Last night when I was driving over to the Photoshop 7.0 class, I saw people picking their noses at red lights? I wonder how many people do that by themselves in the privacy of their car?
I really did some good stuff in my class. You will see it on the web site more and more. I have grown so much in the last 4 months.
Yesterday I was nasty nurse with a house patient.
I am working on organizing a yahoo group for bukakke and sex advise.
My vid editor called me last night...new stuff is coming for the members section.
I tried to make a vid clip of my eggplant swallowing but the veggie got to old and hurt my throat. I'm on the hunt for a long eggplant. I hope I find one again.
I am getting a lot of models wanting to do images and masturbation videos for the web site. Pretty lesbos, WOOHOO!
I have been getting a lot of calls on my cell phone of guys jerking their dicks. It sounds squishy with hot heavy, sexy breathing, like a stalker. I usually don't say anything but yesterday I made some comment but I can't remember what it was.

I flashed myself out near the California 280 and it was a timed event. Guys on bikes and in cars tried to see me flash. It might of be a disaster to see them crash or swerve in the wrong direction. I do have a kind heart and waited until they could not see me getting naked. Dangerous stuff huh. It was a blast. A big thrill.
Tonight I begin my Photoshop class. Bad Granny is going to tease some dick in the class with her short mini and braless blouse. Jerk it baby.
On iFriends.com it was jamming again.

Check out what I swallowed on iFriends last weekend in my free image archives. When I went shopping at my favorite grocery store I bought this 12" long eggplant and gulped it down in the cam. I will make a vid clip of it today of on iFriends.com
Yesterday I worked all day long making changes with Cyber boy for the site.
Sometimes I get so bored with the everyday stuff. Don't you? I think I am going to get Cyber Boy to take me up to Half Moon Bay beach so I can flash on Wednesday(avoid all the traffic to Santa Cruz). We missed it yesterday. We had a lot of behind the scenes stuff to do.


A big 11 inch black man wanted to do me on a bridge in Budapest. He called me a filthy whore bitch fucking slut. Now that is a long way to go get fucked, don't you think.
Another flip flop shoe fetish lover had me get on my back pull my legs way back in my flip flop sandals and fucked me real deep and yumyum.
I really jammed in the live cam on iFriends.com today.
I sucked a 12 inch purple egg plant in my free show on camz this morning. I will make a vid clip of that from iFriends.com You can see the free pics of me sucking the egg plant all the way down my throat. Bad granny, oh ya.



I power walked through Los Gatos yesterday morning while a friend floated. I love this small city. Did some yoga that kicked my ass.
Worked on bukakke photos for the web site and put an advertisement.


I have a few new things to announce this week. First, in case you haven't noticed, the navigation menu has been moved to the left side of the page. I thought this was best so that those who scroll manually instead of using the mouse wouldn't have to contend with the menu popping up at inopportune times during their browsing. Second, members will notice that our weekly layout archives of the past 5 months have a slightly different look. Don't worry, all the content is still there! If anyone is experiencing problems with viewing any of the pages. Lastly, for those of you interested in joining the site, we have new billing options! You can now choose from a 3-month (90 day), or a 6-month (180 day) membership! Choosing a multiple-month option means you save money off the regular month-to-month subscription price, and saving money is always a good thing!

You may have noticed that there is a new live cam link. Yes, that's right...free live cam! For now you can watch lots of girls from ifriends.com, and in the future there will be content from Amateur Cam Z. We're working on getting that set up, but it should be up and running soon. There will also be a new store for you to shop at. Stay tuned!

This week in the Member's Area:
Catalina Cruise 2 [30 photos]


Well, the Web mistress' DSL still isn't back up yet, but she has been able to do some updates using a dial-up connection. Is anyone else having a major problem with SBC lately?! Yikes. I'm trying to get things going with another webcam site so I can do more free shows for you all. I'll let you know once it's all set up.

Well post what was in last week's layout since it wasn't posted here, and is available in the archives.

Catalina Cruise [56 photos]

And this week is the continuation of my lingerie photo shoot with Tom Mayes.

This week in the Member's Area:
Luscious Lingerie 2 [37 photos]


I'm back! I had such a fun time at the AVN Expo. I took lots of photos while in Vegas, that you all will enjoy. It was so cool getting to see people like Ron Jeremy and Asia Carrera walking around and doing signings. Kitty Foxx and I walked around together and mingled with visitors, as we were making our rounds to all the booths. What a great place to be. There are so many sexual beings in a place like that sometimes it feels like it's going to explode in a big orgasm. I loved it!

Oh, before I forget, our broadband connection may be down this coming week so updates could happen a little later than usual. Please bear with me. Our service provider is going out of business, so as we transfer to a new company there may be a short period where the Web mistress has no internet connection. Don't fret. Everything will be back to normal very soon!

This week in the Member's Area:
Adulterous Affairs: part 2 of 2 "It's Going Down" [52 photos]


Update from the Web mistress:

I received a new submission for our Dirty Talk section, so it's now posted for all to see. You guys sure do come up with some HOT stories. Could still use more though. Get those creative juices flowing...write me something gritty and nasty. I love reading the things you all come up with. Fantastic imaginations! I'm going to pick up Zoe from the airport tomorrow, thank goodness. It's always good to have her in town. Anyway, it's 2:21am (I like to justify my late night geekfests by saying I'm a "night owl"...that way it can be assumed that I'm still a big partier! lol), and I think it's time for bed. Someone e-mail me something juicy to read, please!


Update from the Web mistress:

Hey guys, sorry the updates have been sporadic the past week. Our server was changed without my knowledge, and then I've been experiencing some software difficulties the past few days, but everything is fixed. Thanks for your understanding. Oh, and by the way, the first half of this week's layout is softer-core at the request of one of our members. See...we really DO listen to what you have to say!!


I'm leaving for Las Vegas tonight. Here we go on the roller coaster that is AVN! I'll be back on the 12th, so please refrain from sending me any e-mails while I'm gone unless they're really, really, really important. On a totally different subject, the Web mistress has a wish list online now. If anyone is feeling generous or wants to send her a "thank you" for keeping the site running you can pick something from the list and send it to her. I'll be putting up a list of my own once I get back from all the conventions in Vegas. If any of you see me there, stop and say hi!

This week in the Member's Area:
Luscious Lingerie


Ok, I have some images from the newest issue of Over 50 Magazine for you guys. I did this photo shoot with former Penthouse Pet and adult film star, Taylor Wayne's husband. I'm still working on getting copies of the magazine for you guys, so I'll keep you posted on my progress. But for now, just enjoy these photos!



It's a new year! Time for new beginnings and more masturbation. Actually, this week's free pic was of me masturbating at the beach while 6 guys lined up and watched me. It sounds impossible, I know, but I've developed quite a following at the Red, White and Blue beach on the California coast. We didn't get it on film (damn!), but maybe the next time it's not cold out and we make it to the beach we can get something similar on film. It's funny how much power one pussy has! All I have to do is open my legs and men come running over to jerk off in front of me.

Oh! And guess what? I'm on the cover of this month's Over 50 Magazine. There's also an interview I did inside about what it's like to make my own porn movies. I'm going to try to get my hands on a few copies to sign for you all. You'll be able to purchase them at my store at ifriends.com. As soon a they become available, I'll let you all know.

This week in the Member's Area:
Adulterous Affairs, part 1


Two more days until Christmas! There are a bunch of new updates for you this week. First, there's the new Christmas pic of the week, that'll get updated daily until the 25th. Second, there have been quiet a few updates to the Member's section. There have been 40 facial photos added, a couple new nudes and 20 pissing fetish photos that were added specifically for Mr. Canada (wink, wink).

The new layout is, as you can see, Devil Girl & Pink, part 2. Yes, the Web mistress made a wee mistake. Don't you love it when mistakes are in your favor though? :)

There won't be another update until after Christmas, so let me wish you all a Merry Christmas now!


This week in the Member's Area:
Devil Girl & Pink, part 2


Is everyone ready for Christmas? It's approaching so quickly. This year, my gift to you will be free livecam shows from the 16-24 (excluding Sundays-my one day off), and one free "pic of the week" from the 23-25. Merry Christmas!

A new layout with mature porn star, Kitty Foxx, is posted with previews on the free pic of the week. Per someone's (you know who you are) suggestion, the member's gallery will have new photos very soon...probably within a week and a half because the web mistress will be on vacation this coming week.

Everyone, have a great holiday!



This week in the Member's Area:
Cop Controversy!!


I'm home! Actually, I've been back for a little over a week, but it's been very hectic around here with Christmas coming and all. I already have my little living tree from last year (it survived!) decorated and lit. Did you all have a good Thanksgiving? I spent mine on a cruise boat that was filled to the brim with food. 8 meals a day, but a girl has to keep her figure, so I mostly drank a lot of water. I have some exciting things planned for this month, so I'll keep you posted as they come along.

Part 2 of my Spiderman/Super Slut Girl photo shoot is up today, for you role playing lovers. I know some of you had a thing of Wonder Woman and Super Girl when you were little. Here's your chance to see me dressed like them doing all the things you wanted them to do to you!

Note from Web mistress: Mistake alert! I accidentally posted that there would be a part 2 to the Devil Girl/Pink photo shoot. Unfortunately, the disk I had was corrupted and the photos weren't salvageable. My apologies for the inconvenience. :( However, there IS a new video of Pink eating Devil Girl from the same session now up in the members Video Booth. Enjoy!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! There's a new bonus posted....Zoe and some gourds...in the Membership section. Enjoy everyone, and have a safe, happy Turkey Day!


Zoe Zane


Hello from the Web mistress. Zoe is off on vacation as of yesterday, so I'm posting a little update for you. First, Members, you have a new layout for the week. This time it's part one (it's a 2 part photo set) of Pink and Devil girl going at it. 2 women = 2 times the fun! There's also a new screen saver available for download, and coming tomorrow will be a bonus layout for Thanksgiving. It's Zoe with some fall vegetables...and that's all that needs to be said. This year, when you're sitting around the dinner table thinking of things you're thankful for...you can count that in! Zoe and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Take care.


Ok, we've implemented a new message board for you all because the Bravenet board was bringing up far too many popups. It'll still be available to view here, but the new board is popup-free....for now, that is. There's something called the Community Chest where you can make donations to the board. This money goes towards our subscription price and keeps the board nice and clean. Now, if you don't mind popups then don't donate, but if you hate them like I do you can pitch in a couple bucks, and sometimes you'll even get a little surprise for doing so. Stop by the new board and say hi. The web mistress just posted a new poll for you so come and participate.

Also, I'd still like to hear your submissions for the Dirty-Talk section. Any fantasies or nasty things you've acted out make for great reading and I know how you like to brag about what you've done! E-mail them to the web mistress for review by me, and we'll get them up there!


Wow, it's been a long time since I've been here. The reason I haven't been around to give you little updates is because I haven't had much to say. The past 2 weeks have been relatively uneventful except for a big storm that decided to drop itself right over Northern California. Today the weather is much nicer. The sky is actually blue again and the sun is out.

There's a new layout in the Members area with 69 new photos. All of the past archives with around 300 photos are now available for you to see too, along with the hundreds and hundreds in the galleries. Coming soon will be a new video clip and a couple new photo stories. Hopefully you'll be as excited about them as I am.


Happy Halloween! I'm so glad it's finally here. This is one of my most favorite holidays. I hope you are all enjoying your Halloween story. I had lots of fun making it.

Members, there was a new 70-photo layout added today with all kinds of crazy things going on. Dildos, oral, pussy shots, phone sex, anal...boy...you should love that! And it's the largest photo spread yet. Can you believe it? 70 whole, brand new, never before seen photos? I have to pat myself on the back for that one.


Halloween treats for my precious non-members too! I posted my vampire story for you all to see, complete with pictures.

I went to a Halloween party this past weekend, and it was a blast! I dressed as Super girl and dazzled at the party. It was a really cool place with tons of people. By the time I left it was 1:30 in the morning and it was still going strong. Next year I'll definitely have to make another appearance.

Anyway, to all of my fans out there, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! What are you all planning on doing on this most glorious day/night?


Your Halloween treat has been posted! You'll now find a brand new 90+ photo layout in the member's area. It's creepy, it's sexy, and it's guaranteed to get you hot. At least I think so, so hopefully you will too.

For those that don't know, I'm live on www.ifriends.com for chat and livecam under the handle "DIVADIAMOND" or "ZOEZANECOM" in the "Women Home Alone, 50+ " section. You can find me there many times a week, and I usually do free shows that last anywhere from 15-30 minutes with lots of nastiness thrown in. You can check to see whether I'm on or not on either the home page or the members home page. If it says "LIVE" then I'm live and performing at that very second, if it says "Archives" then I'm not on at that moment, but you can still view footage from past shows.


Yay! Two new videos have just been added to the Video Booth in the membership section, and a new layout with nearly 40 photos was added Tuesday. Come in and take a look!

For all of you that are watching your pocketbooks you can see a few nasty images of me at www.cumminginmywife.com. The photos never get changed, but you get what you pay for. Or, in this case you get more than you pay for, which is nothing!

I get more and more excited as Halloween gets closer and closer. The Exotic Erotic Ball is coming up this weekend, and I know that'll be lots of fun. It is every year. If you have a chance to get out here to San Francisco this weekend, that will be THE place to be. Just make sure you say hi if you see me!


Went to the beach again this weekend. Super-toy decided to jump me in the sand while 3 horn-dogs looked on. He really knows how to get my juices flowing. What a fantastic porn-lord. I've been busy doing more shoots to keep you all satisfied. Hopefully you're all checking them out and witnessing the fruits of my labor. I love getting nasty for you.

My kitty cat have been really funny this week. The night before last I found a huge present on the living room floor. I guess my ninja cats are keeping the rodent population in check. Last week one of them sat by and watched as a raccoon invaded the house looking for my stash of See's candy. I'm generous, but I draw the line at sharing snacks with the neighborhood animals. If anyone wants to help me replenish my supply, I like rocky road, California crunch, and white chocolate with the brittle inside.


More new stuff for everyone! In addition to the "Dirty-talk" section that was added a few days ago there is now a "Pic of the Week". Also, the membership section has had two new items added. Now you can see the layout of the week, which includes all the photos from my latest photo shoot with my friend, Mercedes. Every week there will be a new one, and all the photos from the previous week will be archived so you can still see all of your favorites. You can also download my screen savers! Right now I have two to choose from, but wallpapers as well as more screen savers will be coming in the future. Remember, these features are available to members only, so why don't ya join today!


A new section called "Dirty-talk" was added to the site today. I'm looking for you all to submit your fantasies to me. If I see something I really like I'll probably turn it into a photo shoot, so if you need some sort of incentive, there is it! Also, some new photos were added to the Bizarre membership gallery today. More reasons to join! There's an idea that's been floating around my web mistress' head the past day and a half for a new photo shoot, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. It's gonna be perverted so I know you'll love it!

I've been running myself ragged the past week or so trying to get things done so that the web site could be launched. There's been a LOT of work to do to make this site bigger, better and kick ass groovy. Unfortunately, we've run into some problems with someone that was supposed to do some work for us (who shall remain nameless), so now comes the task of tracking them down and getting our stuff! I may have to have Malia (my web mistress) drive 2 hours out of town to get them. (Note from Web mistress: I sure hope they get sent so that I don't have to make the trek!! It's a 200 mile drive! Who cares if I drive like a maniac. It's still really far.) Once everything is settled I'll let all of you know because I know it's important to keep you up-to-date on things. After all, that's why this section of the site exists.

On a happier note, the radio station, KSJO 92.3, has been running advertisements for a few days now, and it's been great.

From now on the first Sunday of every month from 2-4pm will be a video talent audition day. I know it says that in other parts of the site, but I want to make sure you all know since we're always looking for new people to star in videos with me. So if you've ever dream pt of getting to be in a porno, now's your chance! You can get all the details on the talent search application itself.


Welcome to the new, improved site! I hope everyone enjoys the new look and new features that we've added. I have some exciting news about an appearance I'll be making tomorrow. I'll be on a local radio station starting at 5:30pm, so if you're in the SF, Bay Area tune in to 92.3FM KSJO and call in to say hi! Or if you're not in the area and you want to hear me, you can listen to me online here!

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